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The weird terms in football make it confusing.
The weird terms in football make it confusing.

I come from a school in my younger years where we were worried about fall basketball and spring baseball.  There was no summer football.  While many of my friends were football freaks, I was not.  I was watching Michael Jordan dominate the NBA, and I hated football.  Fast forward to four years ago, I became a teacher and my assistant principal managed to get me to go along with this idea that I could be a football coach and I could get my CDL to drive a bus (Which ain’t happening.)  I settled for just a football coach and not any football coach, I am the junior varsity coach for a middle school.

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JCH PODCAST: Episode 9 – Now With Less Edits

JCH PhonesEpisode 9 – Now With Less Edits

I think Wednesday will be a great day for the podcast.  It gives me time to deal with job things and time to stew over whether or not to do heavy edits to the podcast.  This time I only edited the largest gaps of dead air.  We have those gaps because of latency and the fact that it’s hard to tell when it’s our turn to talk.  When we podcast together we have more natural banter, but the sound quality goes south.  Anyhow, enjoy the podcast for this week, and remember, I curse like a pirate, so strong language warning.

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People Always Try to Ruin Great Things

Yes, that is Captain Picard or Professor X, however you prefer him, taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is currently sweeping the Internet and social media.  As you notice, he opted out of the ice and wrote a check.  He likely wrote that check to the ALS Association, which is likely collecting some major money from this viral activity that is being enjoyed by the super elite members of our society and by the common folk.  As this article progresses, I will link to you some Ice Bucket challenges, but ultimately, this is a rant about the fact that I found someone who thinks the challenge is essentially a bad idea because he can’t take his Jesus slippers off to make the world a better place – all because he fails at biology.

I would like to introduce you to Nathanael King’s blog which is one of those Super Christian blogs.  I wondered how long it would take before the idiots would speak out against the ice bucket fiasco, apparently it didn’t take very long at all.  I will give you a little background on this guy in just a moment, but look who did the ice bucket challenge…

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Super Human Exoskeleton

A good long while ago, I was laid up in bed trolling Netflix for my latest fix.  I found a documentary called Make Me Superhuman.  This video was about exoskeletons, a la the film Elysium.  This documentary stuck with me for a while and the idea of exoskeletons became amazing to me.


I was extremely happy to see this crop up in the science/technology world.  Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering employed the use of 61 lbs frames made of carbon, aluminum, and steel that are operated by electric motors and hydraulic joints along with a three hour battery.  These suits allow workers to carry an extra 70 lbs, and they don’t even notice the weight of the load or the exoskeleton itself, which moves with the wearer’s natural motions.

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JCH Phones


Well, after all of the static in the background, the shorting out, the weird background noises…I finally have a new headset.  This is an exciting time for me, because now I don’t sound completely like crap, or at least I can’t blame the microphone for the quality anymore.  Mike even managed to figure out how to make his headset sound better.  Oh yeah, I drop more F-Bombs than the US military, so be warned.

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Apologies for the Delay

The podcast was delayed because of time constraints at home and at work.  I will be releasing the podcast this week, hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  Mike and I should be recording another podcast this weekend if things work out, but if not, we should be firing it back up not too long in the future.

Typically I would go into specifics and whine about the whys and the whats of why I was unable to update last night with a podcast, but personal matters are personal.  Life can be frustrating at times and some folks demand a slice of pie that is so big that no one else gets to eat.

Regardless, I will work as hard and as fast as I can to ensure we stick to our weekly podcast schedule.

Heroes of the Storm August 18th Hot Patch.

On Monday the 18th we were greeted on the Heroes of the Storm Alpha General Feedback forum with a new sticky post titled “Daily XP Cap Increased for Coop/Practice”. The following was the contents of the developer post.

Hello everyone!

We’ll soon be deploying a quick update which will increase the current daily XP cap from 1.2 million to 2.25 million XP for games played in both Cooperative and Practice modes.

We shouldn’t need any downtime in order to release the hotfix, and there should be no impact on your in-progress matches. We’ll let you know as soon as this change is live.

Thank you.

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