Better Late Than Forever Never

Where has the time gone?  Well, it has gone into a steaming pile of nothing.  I have been busy with the whole “being a daddy” gig and being a lazy waste of Cheeto smashing space.  With the advent of the 2015-2016 school year I have decided to do right with trying to get on track with my health – the one thing that truly only matters in terms of my prolonged happiness.  I use adult language so be warned.

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Coming into 2015 YEAH BOY!

So as the year ends I have had some time to reflect on a few things about Just Chill Here.  I am sitting here now because school is out for the holidays and I can finally take a seat and compose some words that make sense, instead of the dribbling shit I kept coming up with between October and now.  The reflection over the last few months, in absence of updating the site, has allowed me to better plan out what I would like to do with the site, and from here, I must take some realistic steps.

Lessen the Load

Of course, work is always easy when you take tasks away.  This also gives one time to really think about an article before pressing that publish key.  I think less articles would result in better writing, which would allow me time to write at my own pace with no minimum or maximum of expectations.  Yes, I am saying I could go a week or four without writing, or I could write ten articles in one day.  I think to scope it out, I may shoot for at least 1-2 articles per week.  I miss writing, but I killed myself with the daily updates.  I am working alone here with a family that demands attention.

Random Feels Not-So-Random

I think the randomizing articles gig is up.  I can only write so many articles about movies before I get sick of the reviews and whatnot.  I like to analyze different things and I like to broaden my horizons.  I am not doing this for the strict pleasure of the reader, but I am doing this to enjoy researching and finding some content online to share with the world.

Bigger Projects Incoming

I am a busy guy with a lot going on, but one of the first reasons I created Just Chill Here was to do some long, stretched out projects.  A diary of progress toward some achievable goal with the one being at the forefront: Reaching 300 lbs, then seeing how far I can go after that.  I will be doing other projects, and any projects I projected in the last run of writing, will probably never be concluded.  I have lost interest in those.  I’m and ornery bastard when it comes to doing things I don’t want to do.

Try To Get A Following

I don’t care for a massive viral following that garnishes a bajillion unique visitors every day, but I would like some traffic that would raise some report between me and the folks who visit the page.  I will continue things on this site, but I think I will be commanding a tighter social network approach to the site.

With this being said, Merry Christmas!

My Students Watched This Today

I watched this video at a Jobs for America’s Graduates conference a couple of years ago.  I was moved by the silence of 500 high school and middle school students as they listened intently to this spoken word poem about a man who grew out of a childhood of being bullied, being a bully and a whole slew of other things that typically make us depressed or angry.

I took this video back to my classroom and of all the music videos we have watched, this year in particularly, my students have responded most positively to this song and most other spoken word poems set in front of a beautiful cascade of quiet music.  The story that Shane Koyczan weaves has made some of my students laugh, cry, and think.

If you are a teacher, or, if you have some angsty teens that seem to have coping problems, play this video.  It’s deep, and introduces a level of understanding to kids victimized by endless taunting and  teasing that the typical “sticks and stones” limerick never could.

The Power of an F-Bomb

This just happened on a news channel in Alaska…

Now, there was a strong message here to be relayed to the viewers of KTVA.  The push for legalized marijuana is spreading, and this reporter owns, or is partners with, a medical marijuana dispensary or something like that.  Regardless, Alaska will be voting on easier access to marijuana and this reporter, being involved in the business of THE DEVIL’S GRASS, had to resign.  Her message was powerful.

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JCH Podcast: Episode 11 – Sometimes Yes!

JCH PhonesEpisode 11 – Sometimes Yes!

Well the podcast is becoming its own thing and while we missed the deadline last week (Thanks a lot Suddenlink), we are releasing that episode tonight.  Enjoy.  Oh, and I have decided to save my sanity, no more table of contents.  Just listen to it all or fast forward to a point that we are not talking about video games.

This episode we talk about Heroes of the Storm, some news, some sports style stuff and other things.  Just a big variety podcast.

Well That Took Too Long

Well, I am back.  Suddenlink may have failed us, but tomorrow I shall post last week’s podcast.  Apparently, on Friday we were hit by one hell of a thunderstorm while I was at school.  My modem and router were both fried, and I spent all weekend trying to figure that out.  By Sunday evening I was online with my new modem router from NetGear.

There are some major kinks though, and I wonder if the lightning managed to do some damage to the lines.  My 15 mbps connection is running at 3 mbps and I am getting slammed with disconnect after disconnect on Heroes of the Storm and Ventrilo (What we use as voice communication while gaming).  I have also notice my wifi speeds on our phones and the iPad are noticeably slower.  In fact, at times, we aren’t able to even get a signal.  I don’t know if these problems stem from the new hardware or if the lines are damaged.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you guys some articles I have on the way…

  1. Another long analysis of a System of a Down album, this time I will tackle Toxicity.  No, I will not do “Steal this Album”.
  2. Returning to the original music review format I started.
  3. Some more movie reviews.
  4. A more in depth podcast format (for the actual article).
  5. A papercraft project
  6. Nine Inch Nails (BIG PROJECT)

That’s about it.

Suddenlink, You’re Not Connected

I am laying here, doing the adult equivalent of “tummy time” with my iPad 10 inches away from my eyes, burning my retinas.  The disapointment that JCH Podcast episode 011 has me on edge right now and I am a bit bitchy.  See, my Internet is currently down and my connection right now is the weebly-wobbly iPhone 5’s personal hotspot.   It really isn’t the most stable of connections, unfortunately.