Super Human Exoskeleton

A good long while ago, I was laid up in bed trolling Netflix for my latest fix.  I found a documentary called Make Me Superhuman.  This video was about exoskeletons, a la the film Elysium.  This documentary stuck with me for a while and the idea of exoskeletons became amazing to me.


I was extremely happy to see this crop up in the science/technology world.  Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering employed the use of 61 lbs frames made of carbon, aluminum, and steel that are operated by electric motors and hydraulic joints along with a three hour battery.  These suits allow workers to carry an extra 70 lbs, and they don’t even notice the weight of the load or the exoskeleton itself, which moves with the wearer’s natural motions.

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JCH Phones


Well, after all of the static in the background, the shorting out, the weird background noises…I finally have a new headset.  This is an exciting time for me, because now I don’t sound completely like crap, or at least I can’t blame the microphone for the quality anymore.  Mike even managed to figure out how to make his headset sound better.  Oh yeah, I drop more F-Bombs than the US military, so be warned.

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Apologies for the Delay

The podcast was delayed because of time constraints at home and at work.  I will be releasing the podcast this week, hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  Mike and I should be recording another podcast this weekend if things work out, but if not, we should be firing it back up not too long in the future.

Typically I would go into specifics and whine about the whys and the whats of why I was unable to update last night with a podcast, but personal matters are personal.  Life can be frustrating at times and some folks demand a slice of pie that is so big that no one else gets to eat.

Regardless, I will work as hard and as fast as I can to ensure we stick to our weekly podcast schedule.

Heroes of the Storm August 18th Hot Patch.

On Monday the 18th we were greeted on the Heroes of the Storm Alpha General Feedback forum with a new sticky post titled “Daily XP Cap Increased for Coop/Practice”. The following was the contents of the developer post.

Hello everyone!

We’ll soon be deploying a quick update which will increase the current daily XP cap from 1.2 million to 2.25 million XP for games played in both Cooperative and Practice modes.

We shouldn’t need any downtime in order to release the hotfix, and there should be no impact on your in-progress matches. We’ll let you know as soon as this change is live.

Thank you.

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Introducing the New Categories!

Well, Just Chill Here, is established.  It has been updated quite a bit and I have even managed to get through a few podcast episodes with my buddy.  In the midst of writing up the last 60+ articles for the site, I have  learned that these ten categories have left me limited to 10 categories that are getting a little stale.  I never said I wouldn’t add new categories when relaunching, and tonight I am announcing two new categories:  Science and Sports.

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What’s Happening in World of Warcraft

I’ll be honest, the temptation to start playing this highly addictive game is appealing.  I used to play quite a bit, basically because I have always been intrigued by the lore that Blizzard has created around all of its franchises.  Another thing is that they have always succeeded in balancing the ease of play with actual challenge.  Regardless, today, the big B dropped a bombshell on our heads with the release of one of their highly produced, beautiful short films that make many of us beg for a full CGI film, and not a live action attempt.  Anyhow…

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Remembering a Classic Through the Eyes of a High Schooler

In 1998. a friend of mine managed to get his paws on Breath of Fire 3.  I think it was Mike, but I am not sure.  I do not remember much about the game, except that it was jam packed with things to do to keep you busy.  I played it through to the end and was impressed.  The battle system was classic and the characters were memorable.

Even though the game was fun, it introduced me to a different side of myself.
Even though the game was fun, it introduced me to a different side of myself.

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JCH PODCAST: Episode 7 – Sweeping Reddit for the First Time

JCH PhonesEpisode 7 – Sweeping Reddit for the First Time

Well, we pulled a late shift for this week’s podcast.  We did a few new things this week, just testing out some ideas.  We visited Reddit, talked about Heroes of the Storm.  We improved our podcast a little bit to this and there is a bit more chit chat about varied subjects.  Enjoy, and always remember, we use mucho adulto language!

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