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Coming into 2015 YEAH BOY!

So as the year ends I have had some time to reflect on a few things about Just Chill Here.  I am sitting here now because school is out for the holidays and I can finally take a seat and compose some words that make sense, instead of the dribbling shit I kept coming up with between October and now.  The reflection over the last few months, in absence of updating the site, has allowed me to better plan out what I would like to do with the site, and from here, I must take some realistic steps.

Lessen the Load

Of course, work is always easy when you take tasks away.  This also gives one time to really think about an article before pressing that publish key.  I think less articles would result in better writing, which would allow me time to write at my own pace with no minimum or maximum of expectations.  Yes, I am saying I could go a week or four without writing, or I could write ten articles in one day.  I think to scope it out, I may shoot for at least 1-2 articles per week.  I miss writing, but I killed myself with the daily updates.  I am working alone here with a family that demands attention.

Random Feels Not-So-Random

I think the randomizing articles gig is up.  I can only write so many articles about movies before I get sick of the reviews and whatnot.  I like to analyze different things and I like to broaden my horizons.  I am not doing this for the strict pleasure of the reader, but I am doing this to enjoy researching and finding some content online to share with the world.

Bigger Projects Incoming

I am a busy guy with a lot going on, but one of the first reasons I created Just Chill Here was to do some long, stretched out projects.  A diary of progress toward some achievable goal with the one being at the forefront: Reaching 300 lbs, then seeing how far I can go after that.  I will be doing other projects, and any projects I projected in the last run of writing, will probably never be concluded.  I have lost interest in those.  I’m and ornery bastard when it comes to doing things I don’t want to do.

Try To Get A Following

I don’t care for a massive viral following that garnishes a bajillion unique visitors every day, but I would like some traffic that would raise some report between me and the folks who visit the page.  I will continue things on this site, but I think I will be commanding a tighter social network approach to the site.

With this being said, Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the Delay

The podcast was delayed because of time constraints at home and at work.  I will be releasing the podcast this week, hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  Mike and I should be recording another podcast this weekend if things work out, but if not, we should be firing it back up not too long in the future.

Typically I would go into specifics and whine about the whys and the whats of why I was unable to update last night with a podcast, but personal matters are personal.  Life can be frustrating at times and some folks demand a slice of pie that is so big that no one else gets to eat.

Regardless, I will work as hard and as fast as I can to ensure we stick to our weekly podcast schedule.

Introducing the New Categories!

Well, Just Chill Here, is established.  It has been updated quite a bit and I have even managed to get through a few podcast episodes with my buddy.  In the midst of writing up the last 60+ articles for the site, I have  learned that these ten categories have left me limited to 10 categories that are getting a little stale.  I never said I wouldn’t add new categories when relaunching, and tonight I am announcing two new categories:  Science and Sports.

Continue reading Introducing the New Categories!

What About Podcasts?

Rounding out the list of announcements for each category, I end the list with Podcasts, because this may be the biggest project.  Now, if I roll a 10 on the die, I will likely talk about a certain podcast, or I will write something about a podcast from Just Chill Here.

I and a handful of friends will be podcasting together in order to hit all 10 categories, and hopefully I can get some special guests to join me in my podcasts.  They will be on iTunes and other Podcasting services.  I am not sure of the exact date when this will begin, but once I get a few new “toys,” I will update the site.

Also, once I get the podcast going, I will explain the free-for-all format we will abide by.

What About YouTube?

I am part of the evil cabal that is determined on making television networks obsolete, and forcing them to hock their wares onto the Internet.

Well, not really, but I do know of quite a few very entertaining YouTube channels and users who are extremely talented at making entertaining content.  I will share with you things from YouTube, along with some opinions about the works.  Hopefully, through this category, we can spread the popularity of YouTube as a substitute for TV!

News and Politics

This category is a buffer category, where I may write a little extra at random times.  I am a little more interested in news than politics, but sometimes political writing can be fun and informative for some.  Here I will write my opinions on certain events and if I get more structured than that, I will be writing essays based on these two things.

Another reason for this category is because the podcast I plan to start recording will be focused on each of these categories, and news and politics is often fun to talk about.

What About Music?

Music is fun and good music is funner!  We all generally listen to music and here I will be sharing with you my musical preferences along with some quick reviews on new albums I get my hands on.  My musical tastes vary greatly, so It could go from the blackest death metal to the most heavenly gospel music.  Regardless, I love giving my opinion on music and I like reading opinions.

I also may share some news about musicians and their lives and projects as well!

What About Books?

Books, though you may think they are disappearing, are still a great part of the human experience.  From classic to modern works, I will be reading and sharing some quips about a book I am reading, or will begin reading.  I will share some news about upcoming new books, and I may talk about movies based on books, with the book as a more central focus.

I will recommend books to read from time to time, and perhaps I will have a must read list as I progress through books.