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Suppose You Were To Die Tonight. What Would You Say?

There will be no images in this post.  This post will not even be that long.  I won’t even swear about ridiculous things and I won’t root out minority groups in badly designed jokes.  I won’t go on a political tirade or even try to type out a lecture in some elaborate effort to change the way people think or live.  No.  Tonight I write a letter to you, the reader of this article, because sometimes we have to cut ourselves away from the silly day-to-day shenanigans and force some perspective into our weary minds.

This is some inspired fiction, based on something that happened a few days ago to a good friend of mine.  Tonight, I visited him in the hospital.  He’s okay, everything’s fine.  But it’s 10:30.  I have a ton of work to do and I can’t be bothered to be writing something five people may read.

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A Philosophy to Die For

There is a world, a land, a nation, a plan
Fenced off from the weak each day of the week
We hear about the penetration of the nation
Subjugation, dehydration, infatuation, graduation

There is a world, a realm, we sit at the helm
one nine zero, location: heroes
That freedom fough for lost long ago
Instigation, extracation, dilation, liberation

There is a world, a loss, a lot of gloss
Much debate, procreate, privelege gained
Doubtless of cost.

If you plant your tree inside of a fence and tell the world
“Have none of it!”
expect no harvest from the tree

Will you die for our philosophy?


Now, I hope you enjoyed my poem, yes it’s about the nation today, but regardless you may be wondering “Why the fuck are we reading this fairy, twinkle-toes bullshit bro!?” Well, I am sitting in a hotel room right now yelling at the shitty wifi, wondering why it wont let me log into my FTP.  The podcast will go live Friday, but we will go back to Wednesday next week.


Light Reading: Divergent

After soaking in the joy of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games series, I have decided to embark upon reading the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.  I enjoyed the film, though it had some silly moments that are easy to criticize.  I expect that the first book, Divergent, will capture that almost Harry Potteresque feel of the desire to belong, and being tossed into a tumultuous reality where everyone is to be questioned.  What do I expect out the book?

  • A sense of hopelessness that the movie lacked in a way.  For a dystopian society, things were not in much disarray, though I am curious about the walls around the city.
  • A more in depth look at the different factions and not just a fluffy brush against them.  Harry Potter would have benefited from more information about the different houses and The Hunger Games would have benefited greatly from a few hundred extra pages that went into more detail about the districts.
  • A book that is written well, and not clumsily constructed Twilight like musings that are dry and sleep inducing.
  • Violence.
  • Fun Times.
  • A cliffhanger ending that will lead me to finish the book, and not stop in the middle.

Once I finish Divergent, I will report back with my opinion of the book.  This is just me sharing with the world what I plan to read!

Stephen King’s Under the Dome

This is what real book jackets should look like.
This is what real book jackets should look like.

“Lengthy” doesn’t really describe Stephen King’s Under the Dome.  Epically enduring is probably more fitting, as the 1000+ page book spins a story of a small town thrown into chaos by being cut off from the world via a dome.  One similar to those fancy force fields we see on sci-fi films, except this dome does not have an exit or entrance, it blocks all directions.  As far as a story confined to just one chunk of land goes, King manages to tell quite a tale that focuses on human interaction and reaction in a time of crisis, which puts the characters before the mystery, which is a major failure of the current television show of the same name.

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R.L. Stine’s Best Series That Kids Should Read


From 1992 to 1997, a series of children’s horror books made it to my school’s library and became a literary interest of mine.  The Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine was the center of my reading interest in my teen years.  An anthology of horror, the books may be goofy as hell to read now, but thinking about it, there were some situations in these books that were terrifying.  This was my first experience, not only to the plot twist, but my first experience to the overused idea that every story must have a plot twist.  I consumed these books like a book worm, they made me ravenous for more stories.  The series was so popular that it branched off to other successful series by Stine, and it even spawned a TV show.

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Stephen King’s Cujo


A few years ago I went on a Stephen King reading binge and one of the books I ran into that I drew a particular interest in was Cujo.  You see, I watched the film adaptation of Cujo as a child and it frightened me.  This huge dog was infected with rabies, and he became the ultimate killing machine.  Well, perhaps not as ultimate as this particular canine, but still rather terrifying.

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A Blast From My Past

When I was in Junior High, I was that kid who was always trying to find ways to make money.  I had an expensive habit called video games, and if you think games are expensive now, you need to think about me paying $70 for a Super Nintendo game.  This was when the economy was good!

One of my schemes to make the almighty dollar was a group effort made possible by myself and a few really close friends who you may see poke their heads around at Just Chill Here (They don’t know this yet, so SHHHHH).  One of us had a dot matrix printer, one of us had the ability to draw well enough to sell things, and one of us had access to my school’s copying machines (Don’t you know the best entrepreneurs have ways to succeed, even if on the backs of others?).  One of us had a large collection of Sega games, which was nice, because most of us were Nintendo nerds.

Folks, I would like to introduce you to my first foray into magazine publishing.  I give you Power Source:

Professionally designed cover page!
Professionally designed cover page!

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What About Books?

Books, though you may think they are disappearing, are still a great part of the human experience.  From classic to modern works, I will be reading and sharing some quips about a book I am reading, or will begin reading.  I will share some news about upcoming new books, and I may talk about movies based on books, with the book as a more central focus.

I will recommend books to read from time to time, and perhaps I will have a must read list as I progress through books.