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Fargo VS Fargo

I’ve recently finished FX’s wonderful series Fargo starring the tator loving Billy Bob Thornton.  Before watching the show I pulled out 1996’s Fargo, just to refresh the ol’ mind.  The movie is filled with dark comedy that I didn’t really get in the 90’s as a teen, but after rewatching it almost 20 years later, I was howling.  Indeed, as we get older, life just gets more cynical.

If you love the film, you will most likely appreciate the show, and to really drive home how serious the creators of the show were, they tacked on the Coen Brothers to help with production.  So which is better?  Well, let’s figure out who wins in a little competition…

FargoVs Fargo


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True Blood – “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

True Blood is a show I want to hate, and did hate for a time, until the previous season, which was a bit better than seasons four and five. The news that this is the last season hit me unexpectedly, because it seems like the kind of show that has no viable end in sight.  There are somethings to speculate about, such as, will Sookie become a vampire?  Who else is going to die? Will Bill ever become not annoying?  Will Eric ever be cool again?  Will Alcide ever become a meaningful character, or just be an annoying figure for my wife to gawk at?

Spoilers be ahead, matey!  TURN BACK!
Spoilers be ahead, matey! TURN BACK!

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A Comprehensive List of Easter Eggs from Godzilla

First off, quick review of Godzilla (2014).

I loved the film and even though it could have used more monster, I still would give this movie a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Should you watch it?  Hell yes!  On the biggest screen possible at the loudest volume.  The only way to truly experience Godzilla is to cause discomfort to your sound holes when Godzilla roars.  If you missed it at the theater, I am sorry for you, but at the moment of this writing, you may be able to find it at some cinemas.

This article, however, is not focused on a review for the movie.  It is for me to go on a trawl for the most comprehensive list of Easter eggs (secret nods to other things) that I can make.

Godzilla Poster

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Megan is Missing – Definitely Not a Lifetime Movie Network film


There were about 10 different ways I could have started this article, but the most relevant way would be to say that this movie is on Hulu and YouTube for free as I am typing away.  It is not on Netflix Instant or Amazon Prime.  I watched the YouTube version with Portuguese subtitles because it was the only one that worked on my iPad and I love multiculturalism SO MUCH.  Regardless, this movie is easily accessible.

With that being said, I never watched this movie because the poorly delivered title struck me as a Lifetime Original Movie, and not a grown-up, adult oriented horror film.  In fact, the idea this movie was even a horror film was brought to my attention when I was visiting the subreddit /r/scaredshitless one late night, trying to find, well, scary things.  When I saw people reacting to this film, it suddenly became interesting to me.

I will probably be reviewing other films from this subreddit, but Megan is Missing is the first film.  I am letting you know right now, I do not care about spoilers and if adult content and adult language bothers you, you may want to exit stage right.

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What About Movies?

Watching movies is something a lot of us tend to do, and talking about them is often more fun than watching them.  In this category you may catch a review or a link to a real movie.  You may catch a trailer for an upcoming movie and you may find a write up debating certain meanings in film.

Also in film, I should tell you that television will fall into this category, as hugely popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have essentially removed movies as the number one source of entertainment.  Television has now earned its rightful place amongst the titanic movie industry.