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My Students Watched This Today

I watched this video at a Jobs for America’s Graduates conference a couple of years ago.  I was moved by the silence of 500 high school and middle school students as they listened intently to this spoken word poem about a man who grew out of a childhood of being bullied, being a bully and a whole slew of other things that typically make us depressed or angry.

I took this video back to my classroom and of all the music videos we have watched, this year in particularly, my students have responded most positively to this song and most other spoken word poems set in front of a beautiful cascade of quiet music.  The story that Shane Koyczan weaves has made some of my students laugh, cry, and think.

If you are a teacher, or, if you have some angsty teens that seem to have coping problems, play this video.  It’s deep, and introduces a level of understanding to kids victimized by endless taunting and  teasing that the typical “sticks and stones” limerick never could.

A Look at Spotify


I can’t remember the last time I actually sat down and downloaded an album from a popular music gettin’ site.   Mainly because with the advent of Pandora, Youtube and a little program I love, Spotify.  Spotify is the premier way to listen to music now, and it is all legitimate.  Offering a free service (with ads) and a paid service (No ads), Spotify allows a user to look up an artist, an album, or a song any time, and listen to it whenever they choose.

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Getting Lost (For Real) With Britney Spears.

This is going to be embarrassing.
This is going to be embarrassing.

Released: January 12, 1999
Recorded: August 1997 to June 1998
Recorded In: Sweden
Genre: Pop
Length: 42:20
Label: Jive
Producer: The All Seeing I, Jörgen Elofsson, David Kreuger, Kristian Lundin, Per Magnusson, Max Martin, Rami, Eric Foster White

You know, when I was younger I was kind of silly about music.  I really liked everything, with a bent for the heavier musings of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Marilyn Manson.  However, I was a music video nerd and I appreciated fun and interesting music videos.  I also had a thing for chicks who dressed provocatively like most teenagers do today  and when Britney Spears popped onto my television with her first music video, I was enjoying the catchy tune and of course, the school girl outfit.  (Who would have thunk that America’s teen bomb shell pop singer would go on to record such hits like “Gimme More” that starts out with “It’s Britney Bitch!”).

If you think I am here to review this song and give it some professional write up, no.  No sir, not this time.  This time, it’s story time and I must warn you – to capture the full impact of the story, some explicit language will be apart of the article below.

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Try Her Philosophy, Die for Her Philosophy


System of a Down has sold over 16 million albums since it broke into the music scene in 1998 with their self-titled debut album.  The album vibrates with a unique sound and musical pieces that really went outside of the box in terms of what many metal fans were listening to.  Fast paced guitar, loud drums and bass were all familiar, but the timing was strange and the lyrics were stranger.  Serj Tankian’s unique voice, ranging from harmonious to cacophonous, was rather new.  System of a Down is an album that you can listen to and enjoy the fun tempo and smashing vocals, but if you take interest into the lyrics, you may be surprised about a few things.

Yes, due to the nature of METAL! There will likely be some explicit language.

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Introducing the Mayhem with Primer 55

Let's break some furniture!
Let’s break some furniture!

Released: January 25, 2000
This album is a reissue of their 1999 EP As Seen on TV
Recorded In: Airmont, New York and Stamford, Connecticut
Genre: Nu Metal
Length: 51:15
Label: Polygram
Producer: Tom Salta and Eddie Wohl

I am a man of varying tastes and after a hard day of working, I like to rage out and get some of that good ol’ stress out of my system.  Sometimes this involves listening to violently loud music.  Primer 55’s Introduction to Mayhem is one of the albums I have acquired over the years that serves this purpose.  This album is chock full of that fast paced, rhyme induced, screaming Nu Metal that people loved around 1998-2001, and now hate for some reason.

There is some strong language below, if this bothers you, don’t read further.

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The Eminem Saga: Infinite

Explicit Language Alert!
Explicit Language Alert!

Released: November 12, 1996
Recorded from 1995 to 1996
Genre: Rap
Length: 37:54
Label: Web Entertainment
Producer: Peter Schorn and Mr. Porter

“The ‘Infinite’ album? I realise it’s there, I did it, but I wasn’t really experienced enough to know what to do in the studio. There was only 1,000 tapes pressed up of that shit. I think you can look it up on the internet and get it, and if you do, it’ll be a bootleg.”

-Eminem, 2000

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What About Music?

Music is fun and good music is funner!  We all generally listen to music and here I will be sharing with you my musical preferences along with some quick reviews on new albums I get my hands on.  My musical tastes vary greatly, so It could go from the blackest death metal to the most heavenly gospel music.  Regardless, I love giving my opinion on music and I like reading opinions.

I also may share some news about musicians and their lives and projects as well!