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Will Connor McGregor Be Humbled?

Like so many other things that I write about and make great strides to sound like an expert, but am not an expert in, I cannot say that I know a great deal about the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  I have had an on and off relationship with the company and it started when I was relatively young.  Recently, however, my best friend has brought me to enjoy the events that they hold each month, with banners held high by a few famous fighters.  Currently my favorite fighter is a filthy looking, trash talking, cocky Irishman that everyone has a few nicknames for.  I call him Pig Pen, mainly because no matter what, he looks like he always needs a bath.  Dude looks filthy.  This article is about today’s “Presser” which is a ridiculous word that has replaced the superior “press conference.”  Apparently, Mystic Mac (Nickname for McGregor) had some choice words to say to his next opponent, Rafael Dos Anjos, the whateverweight (155 lbs) champion.

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Apparently I Missed the Greatest Football Game Ever

Last night, according to Reddit, the NFL and a gaggle of Facebook friends, the greatest game in NFL history was played between the Green Bay Packer and the Arizona Cardinals.   The game had some controversies to it, as all barn burning events tend to.  Hell, it started with one:

Would you look at that?  The coin didn’t flip at all!  They did reflip it, and the same team won the flip anyway.  However, referring to the actual NFL rule book (Oh this is hilarious):


Not more than three minutes before the kickoff of the first half, the Referee, in the presence of both team’s captains (limit of six per team, active, inactive or honorary) shall toss a coin at the center of the field. Prior to the Referee’s toss, the call of “heads” or “tails” must be made by the captain of the visiting team, or by the captain designated by the Referee if there is no home team. Unless the winner of the toss defers his choice to the second half, he must choose one of two privileges, and the loser is given the other. The two privileges are:

      1. The opportunity to receive the kickoff, or to kick off

      2. The choice of goal his team will defend.

Penalty: For failure to comply: Loss of coin-toss option for both halves and overtime, and loss of 15 yards from the spot of the kickoff for the first half only.

For the second half, the captain who lost the pregame toss is to have the first choice of the two privileges listed in (a) or (b), unless one of the teams lost its first and second half options, or unless the winner of the pregame toss deferred his choice to the second half, in which case he must choose (a) or (b) above. Immediately prior to the start of the second half, the captains of both teams must inform the Referee of their respective choices.

A captain’s first choice from any alternative privileges listed above is final and not subject to change.


At the end of the first and third periods, the teams must change goals. Team possession, the number of the succeeding down, the relative position of the ball on the field of play, and the line to gain remain the same.

Guess what isn’t in there?  Not a DAMN thing about that coin having to flip.  For a game with so many vague rules, who would have expected that the gridiron’s ambiguous rules would haunt even the most simple of processes?

This game gets better.

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Yes, I Coach Football Page 1

The weird terms in football make it confusing.
The weird terms in football make it confusing.

I come from a school in my younger years where we were worried about fall basketball and spring baseball.  There was no summer football.  While many of my friends were football freaks, I was not.  I was watching Michael Jordan dominate the NBA, and I hated football.  Fast forward to four years ago, I became a teacher and my assistant principal managed to get me to go along with this idea that I could be a football coach and I could get my CDL to drive a bus (Which ain’t happening.)  I settled for just a football coach and not any football coach, I am the junior varsity coach for a middle school.

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Introducing the New Categories!

Well, Just Chill Here, is established.  It has been updated quite a bit and I have even managed to get through a few podcast episodes with my buddy.  In the midst of writing up the last 60+ articles for the site, I have  learned that these ten categories have left me limited to 10 categories that are getting a little stale.  I never said I wouldn’t add new categories when relaunching, and tonight I am announcing two new categories:  Science and Sports.

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