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The Cannabis Files

This past couple of weeks has been a trying time for my little state of Louisiana.  We’re out of money and politicians are fighting over tired ideas of cutting taxes and increasing taxes, cutting programs and getting rid of programs, cutting social programs and cutting expenses on improving state infrastructure with no honest view of a real plan in sight.

Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to do a little homework in an effort to predict the economic and industrial boosts the legalization of cannabis would bring to our state, while promoting the path to legalization before any other state in the south.  It is a lofty goal, but not my primary goal.  I’ve learned that the best plans come from just wanting to learn more about a topic.  I have a few things I want to answer as I work on this project.  I have no deadline for when I want to finish, but I will update as I feel I make progress.

My first step was to get a geographical image of Louisiana and surrounding districts (congressional districts) of other states.  The map is this:

Image stitched together by John Nash, taken from, which was from Google Maps.  If you click this image, be warned, it is every bit of 15 mb.

This map is not finished, but the stitching of an image like this is a task worth bragging about.  Next step is to wash out districts over 200-300 miles away from the borders of Louisiana, but I will keep whole districts, so AR-4 is going to stick out like a sore thumb, though I could just put more work into cutting it out in some manner.

Next step:  Identify districts that stay, and remove the unneeded sections.  This will then be followed by a spreadsheet used to record population numbers of our neighboring states.


JCH Podcast: Episode 11 – Sometimes Yes!

JCH PhonesEpisode 11 – Sometimes Yes!

Well the podcast is becoming its own thing and while we missed the deadline last week (Thanks a lot Suddenlink), we are releasing that episode tonight.  Enjoy.  Oh, and I have decided to save my sanity, no more table of contents.  Just listen to it all or fast forward to a point that we are not talking about video games.

This episode we talk about Heroes of the Storm, some news, some sports style stuff and other things.  Just a big variety podcast.

Suddenlink, You’re Not Connected

I am laying here, doing the adult equivalent of “tummy time” with my iPad 10 inches away from my eyes, burning my retinas.  The disapointment that JCH Podcast episode 011 has me on edge right now and I am a bit bitchy.  See, my Internet is currently down and my connection right now is the weebly-wobbly iPhone 5’s personal hotspot.   It really isn’t the most stable of connections, unfortunately.


The Last Great Image I Penciled Out

Vash the StampedeSo, I don’t really remember when I drew this massive project, but I remember it took a lot of work.  I outlined it, and shaded it in, and I rubbed certain spots with a rolled up sheet of paper.  This was my style of drawing.  I was only a kid, I’m sure, but this was my most well done piece.  It covered an entire sheet of drawing paper.

I also do not know where it is, so the quality is not the best.

Some Stories I Have Been Working On

I love writing.  I say I am a writer, but I guess before I can ever put that on a resume, I really need to get something published or something.  There is a big hang up in my writing career that was fostered by a love of coding for MUDs and other things, and that is that all of the things I learned, all of the work I did, did not include the actual act of getting my work put into a publicly accessible format, save the self-publishing convenience of the Internet.

The big challenge of the Internet, however, is traversing the web of shit, and not shit, that is clustered and clogged up online.  Getting noticed online almost requires a person to do some wacky stunt online, or writing something so controversial, that your name must be uttered by the gatekeepers of attention: the media.

To be honest, I am not interested in the super stardom of JK Rowling or similar writers.  Sure, I would like a billion dollars, who wouldn’t?  I would merely like to come home, write for a few hours, and make enough money that the basic amenities of living in our contemporary society are met, along with a few luxuries.  That would be nice, but I am aware that it is rare, and as the written word on paper steadily heads to the gallows, the chances of succeeding as a writer is narrowing.

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Have a Nice Weekend

From time to time I get poetic
I don’t try to rhyme, add a syllable here, it’s so phonetic
Monday wrecked me through and through
I add to friday, today, my deepest sincerities

A little angel told me whispers softly in the night
I can’t help falling in love with this moment
Peaceful it can’t be tonight
Not with mid month near in sight

Never will it feel again the rasping of dented tin
I won’t regret decisions made in anger or in light
Spreaded wings and drippy drops
Let’s make changes, wind the clocks