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What Low Carb Dieters Dream About

I have been working diligently on my newest project which is all about my vacation in Washington this summer.  I needed a break, and wow, was a presented with an opportunity for that just now…

Want to know a few things about me?  Okay!  First thing I will share with you is that I am a member of a club called Swag Bucks.  It’s a site where you get paid real money (pennies) to watch ads, take surveys, etc. etc.  I do this often, and it has netted me a little bit of spending money here and there.

I am also on a diet.  Well, right now I’m not because of returning from vacation and just failing to get back into the routine.  The diet is a low carb diet that has netted me a modest bit of success.  I enjoy the diet, but I do miss out on my favorite foods.

These two tidbits of information are merely frames for the discussion I am about to have with you about crazy things that people do that I falsely say “I don’t get it.”  Because understanding this, knowing why, actually longing for this to happen would label me as some sort of social leper.  (My political beliefs, vericose veins, out of control adult language, coarse sense of humor and general angry face already kind of establishes that).

Anyhow, if you want to keep reading I warn you now.  I am going to probably write adult words that hurt your moralistic ear drums.  If you can’t handle biblical words like damn, ass, and bastard – it only gets worse from here.

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Sometimes Religious Hatred is the Worst Hatred

If you’re allergic to stupidity, or family arguments that end in needless violence bothers you, it may be a good idea to pass on this video.  However, if you want to see a video that shows how many homosexuals are treated by their family members behind closed doors, and how these family members cling blindly to archaic beliefs to defend their own bigotry.

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People Always Try to Ruin Great Things

Yes, that is Captain Picard or Professor X, however you prefer him, taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is currently sweeping the Internet and social media.  As you notice, he opted out of the ice and wrote a check.  He likely wrote that check to the ALS Association, which is likely collecting some major money from this viral activity that is being enjoyed by the super elite members of our society and by the common folk.  As this article progresses, I will link to you some Ice Bucket challenges, but ultimately, this is a rant about the fact that I found someone who thinks the challenge is essentially a bad idea because he can’t take his Jesus slippers off to make the world a better place – all because he fails at biology.

I would like to introduce you to Nathanael King’s blog which is one of those Super Christian blogs.  I wondered how long it would take before the idiots would speak out against the ice bucket fiasco, apparently it didn’t take very long at all.  I will give you a little background on this guy in just a moment, but look who did the ice bucket challenge…

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Shooting Things With Toys


Remember back in the day when you were a kid and you had a particular toy that was deadly enough to kill or permanently maim you?  Particularly, the noble sling shot, which has several ways to catastrophically fail and ruin your summer.  Well if you are old enough to remember them (If you have a kid, ask them if they know what a slingshot is, if they don’t know, congratulations, you just caused a bunny to drown), then you may remember being terribly inaccurate.  You may remember the rubber band breaking and popping you in the face.  You may remember your limp, weak, pussy wrist either getting sprained or popped one good time.  If a ricochet happened, and your ball bearing became part of your ball bearings, you definitely remember that.  Today, I introduce you to Jorg Sprave, a grown man with a cool accent who is stuck in his childhood years playing with slingshots.  Not any slingshots mind you, slingshots that violate articles of the Geneva Convention.

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What About YouTube?

I am part of the evil cabal that is determined on making television networks obsolete, and forcing them to hock their wares onto the Internet.

Well, not really, but I do know of quite a few very entertaining YouTube channels and users who are extremely talented at making entertaining content.  I will share with you things from YouTube, along with some opinions about the works.  Hopefully, through this category, we can spread the popularity of YouTube as a substitute for TV!