Heroes of the Storm August 18th Hot Patch.

On Monday the 18th we were greeted on the Heroes of the Storm Alpha General Feedback forum with a new sticky post titled “Daily XP Cap Increased for Coop/Practice”. The following was the contents of the developer post.

Hello everyone!

We’ll soon be deploying a quick update which will increase the current daily XP cap from 1.2 million to 2.25 million XP for games played in both Cooperative and Practice modes.

We shouldn’t need any downtime in order to release the hotfix, and there should be no impact on your in-progress matches. We’ll let you know as soon as this change is live.

Thank you.

This is an interesting change they have made, because it includes “Practice Mode” experience points. It has become a popular practice to start a “Practice Mode” game and then tab out and let your AI teammates either win or lose the game. This is being done to subvert the talent gating system that was implemented in the most recent large patch. Players have strongly expressed their dislike of having to level a character to unlock all of its abilities. Many have stated that this discourages trying new characters, while others just resort to idling during a practice match.

I personally hope that blizzard is once again paying attention to the feedback. Much like the artifact system, the talent gate has many players frustrated. This system, with any luck, will also have a short life span before being modified or removed. I implore everyone who has an opinion on this system to make your voice heard on the forums. Until then, I have taken the tedious time to level all but three of the heroes to level four or higher. I will complete the remaining heroes this week and will no longer have to worry about being talent ‘gimped’, so to speak.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this short Heroes of the Storm post.

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