Impeaching Barack Obama

Obama delivers statement on Ukraine from the White House
Well, Let’s get the ball rolling, America!

Ever since the days of Bill Clinton’s liaison with Monica Lewinsky, this nation has screamed “IMPEACHMENT!” every chance they could get.  George Bush stutters during a speech, impeach him!  Barack Obama misspeaks during a speech, impeach him!  Not to belittle the process, both men seem to have been involved in some heinous crimes against the constitution – according to their political enemies, anyhow.  Now the impeachment banter is kicked back into action, causing our government to stop working and consider the action of impeachment.

Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Held In D.C.

It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is. – Sarah Palin, Breitbart

Sarah Palin, likely still hurting from the abysmal defeat that the old dirty drunk, Joe Biden dealt her in 2008, is still steadily chipping away at this administration.  Her word is powerful, though prejudicial, and her content borders on nonsense.  Her reaction over the border issues pointed out by Rick Perry is not unique.  She has called for Obama’s impeachment before, and is calling for it now, citing the fact that there are illegal minorities in the country that she would rather send back to the mess they escaped from.  As you can tell, she really loves children, but regardless, she is all talk and no bite.  She never really explores the laws being broken in order for the president to be impeached, at least, I can’t find them.  Granting citizenship to illegal immigrants is not a brand new idea.  Palin, give us some actual content to go on, not just your heated opinions.

So, how much more will you take, Congress and We the People? I sense not enough guts in D.C. to file impeachment charges against Team Obama for their countless documented illegalities, so the way to stop this is at the ballot box. – Sarah Palin, Facebook

Like many who argue politics, we get a passionate speech or article expressing opinions without one iota of a link to any evidence of the “documented illegalities.”  Sure, they will shout BENGHAAAAAAAAAAAAZI! They will tell you about the 6 czars with direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  They will tell you the ACA is unconstitutional.  They tell you the president is going to open the borders up to everyone. Another one is that he is setting up for a third term in office.  Oh, and he is going circumvent the 2nd Amendment by allowing the UN to disarm the nation.  Of course, the good ol’ Cato institute drops in with some of his constitutional violations.  Often, however, we get hit with a lot of opinion with no solid data to prove anything.  Many people who oppose the POTUS are so staunchly against him, that they will believe anything anyone says about him.  Those who litter the media, and the blogosphere with yellow journalism takes away from our biggest issues.

Primarily, while John Boehner files his lawsuit and Rick Perry points his finger and Sarah Palin flaps her gums, we are losing focus on dismantling powers from a certain information agency whose name I dare not speak, for I would be flagged.  We have an out of control election process that legally allows corporations to buy our elected officials.  We have a national police force who is pissing on our civil liberties and killing old people.  We’re still in the Middle East killing a ton of “terrorists” and multiplying the number of future terrorists.  We are swearing off real environmental disasters to a far less serious “global warming” issue.  We’re being outperformed in healthcare and education across the world, by countries with a small percentage of the money we have.

Essentially, right wingers are, once again, obstructing progress, over some flimsy things most of their constituents know nothing about.  Impeaching Obama over his decisions will show to be as effective as impeaching Bush.  It’s not going to happen, there is nothing there.  Obama and his handlers will not allow this to happen, and no matter how hard the layman yells for the president’s head, you aren’t going to get it.  Your representatives and senators are lying to you.

This is all just my opinion of course.


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