Introducing G-Project’s G-Grip

You ever wonder to yourself, “Man, I love my phone, but the speakers are shit!” and you went over to best buy and realized to get a nice wireless speaker, you may have to drop more than $100.00 for something with quality sound and range?  (Let’s face it, wired is out unless you are jacking into something that will render you hard-of-hearing immediately after that Katy Perry song is over).

Dr. Dre has you covered, but you have to pay those chronic prices for his products and that highly symmetrical JamBox is running over $100.00.  What options do you have? Those no-name Chinese brand speakers that cost $15.00 at first seem great, but then you listen to them and realize your phone is actually not bad after all.  Where are the options?

Well, the G-Project had me covered with their G-Grip.  I wanted an inexpensive wireless speaker that was loud and had a good range.  I wanted one that could take a fall better than Christopher Reeves and I wanted one that was small enough I could pack it around easily.

I would have taken my own picture but decided I lack rocks.
I would have taken my own picture but decided I lack rocks.

This little feller here was my saving grace.  $70.00 meant I got a nice birthday present and I could finally jam out and split fire wood.  It can survive a drop of 8 feet. I have tested 7 feet, because I sit it above my shower and I have dropped it onto my floor plenty of times.  The site says it can withstand 1,339 lbs.  I am fat, but I am not that fat!  Sitting on this thing accidentally not only hurt my ass, it also was not dented or anything.  I weigh 370 lbs, so it’s a tough little bugger.

It is compatible with every Bluetooth device I have messed with, and the site says it works with Apple products and Android devices.  If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth, have no fear, it has an auxiliary port because sometimes we have to use cables.

The manufacturers  say that the battery life lasts 8 hours, but from my experience, if you go full blast, which you likely will, you are more likely going to get six hours at the most.  This is a pretty good amount of time still, but it won’t cover an 8 hour shift.  Fortunately you can charge it with any USB port.  Also, it’s worth mentioning, that you can control your devices volume and select songs from the G-Grip, so no fetching your device to skip a song you don’t care for.

Also included with the G-Grip is a strap that you can hang it from.  This is useful for…I don’t know, I lost mine, but the site simply says you can hang it from a..

bag, branch, backpack or roof rack

I guess some folks would use their strap, I chose not to.   I like the G-Grip, and I think the G-Project has some other interesting items.  It wouldn’t hurt to peruse their site for a new toy, but always hit up the net for cheaper prices

Amazon Has It!

JCH Pros and Cons:

  • Small and Lightweight
  • Cheap(ish)
  • Very Sturdy and Reliable
  • Great for jamming out
  • Bluetooth and wired options
  • Control your device from the speaker
  • The range is far if you’re outside, but it has problems with walls
  • Batteries don’t really go for 8 hours
  • Terrible for talk radio, audio book fans may be unhappy
  • Sometimes synching with my Iphone is wonky, but works for the most part


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