Introducing the New Categories!

Well, Just Chill Here, is established.  It has been updated quite a bit and I have even managed to get through a few podcast episodes with my buddy.  In the midst of writing up the last 60+ articles for the site, I have  learned that these ten categories have left me limited to 10 categories that are getting a little stale.  I never said I wouldn’t add new categories when relaunching, and tonight I am announcing two new categories:  Science and Sports.

Science CatBanFrom time to time I roll into an article online or witness something for myself and I feel strange putting it under the news category.  Science is an important part of the world and a part of Us.  Having a science article will also pave the way for other realms of knowledge, one being history.  This all goes toward the Just Chill Here attitude that while we may have a scattered collection of data, we write merely to entertain you after you’ve worked all day feeding earthworms moldy bread.

SportsCatBanI coach football, and while I won’t tear into any specifics of my team (Students…confidentiality..etc), sometimes I like to reflect on things I learn on the gridiron.  Mike and I also need a place to stick written articles about MMA to supplement our UFC chats on the podcast.  Certain events happen in the world of athletics that brings me to want to write, and now, there is a place for those articles.

I hope you enjoy these new categories!  The d10 dice is now a d12 dice!


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