It’s Time to Get to Work…

Wow, time flies by and the world and life changes, but Just Chill Here is still here and it’s still my project.  I come back to the site, a little over 6 months since the last update, and I am going to make a real effort to do some things that I want to do.  No more forcing myself to write about things that generally do not interest me and no more feeling burnt out trying to keep some arbitrary pace.  So my New Year’s plan is to use this site as a hub, or launching pad, or home, to house projects that I feel the desire to complete.  That being said, I am going to cut to the chase on today’s post…

When I awoke, I awoke with the remnants of the flu that just about decimated me.  Tired, worn out, sore, and a bit agitated at the 5:30 AM wake-up time (4:00 AM was my goal), I lumbered to my kitchen and set the ol’ coffee pot to brew.  Then, the weakly committed, half-hearted resolve I set last night steeled itself.  I went to the pantry, pulled out the coconut oil, the butter, and the sweetener and I made my bullet proof coffee (BPC).  It was gnarly.  I do not like the flavor much.  It hits a bit more bitter and has a longing, super sweet mocha-like flavor that just lingers.

The fat, the oil, it just wreaks havoc on my stomach do a degree and the phlegm is real.  While all of this suffering sounds tremendous, it’s actually mildly annoying, but the overall effect is that I have great energy, and no hunger pangs.  It helps lubricate the ol’ poop chute as well, and you can always appreciate that when you’re short on fiber.

Last night I cooked up some ribs in the oven.  They were extremely tender, in fact, too tender for my liking.  I like my meat to be a little bit tougher than “I CAN CUT IT WITH A SPOON!”  It was seasoned okay, and while I followed the rule of fatty meat, I maybe left a bit too much on those slabs.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, however, because it was rich and filling, but that, stacked on the BPC oil from earlier had the tummy just a rollin’.

Made it to the end of my day at work with some smoked almonds (A little too salty, but better than the plain, raw ones that I usually eat), and of course, 15 gallons of water.  came home, walked for a half hour, drank more water and spent time with the family.  That walk kicked my ass to the moon.  I am still sore from it.  Hills, rough terrain, uneven paths…I was sweating profusely.

Finished the night with this:

Begin with melting some butter, diced onions, belle peppers, and sausage. This is going to have carbs, but very few!
Brown it all. Get it cooked down and enjoy the smells that will invade your home.
Scramble some eggs into it and melt some cheese on it. Stir it around until it looks edible.
Egg scramble, Low Carb Tortilla, one whole avocado, and sprinkle some hot sauce on everything. Hate avocados? Me too. But they love you and they want you to be healthy. Load them up on the tortilla!

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