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snacks1I love things that taste great.  When I was younger, say, 16, I stepped into the realm of alcoholic beverages and discovered that I loved really cold beer – didn’t really have a preference.  However, I have witnessed enough of my kin fall into the depths of alcoholism and from that, I managed to just keep the drinking casual.

In 1999, Anthony von Mandl founded the Mike’s Hard Lemonade company on April Fool’s Day.  It is a Canadian owned company that is now in Seattle.  I don’t really worry myself with that business, but I figured I would let you know a smidgeon of history.  Regardless, around the day of my 23rd or 24th birthday I drank my first bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade (At the time it was the only flavor).  I never really had the urge to drink beer again.  It’s a very filling beverage with whatever flavorings needed and a malt liquor base.  Eventually I got my hands on the cranberry flavored version and well, it tastes like fruit juice.  It is my favorite drink now, and you can call me a pussy all you want, but when they made alcohol tastes like juice, I was a fan.

I actually found an old analysis of the Mike’s Hard Lemonade brand here.  It’s actually pretty interesting, but my favorite parts are the consumer analyses:

Consumer #1: Joe Average

The typical Mike’s consumer is Joe Average.  He is not poster boy material.  He’s relatively young (in his 20s), but instead of having a six-pack of abs, he has a six-pack in the refrigerator in the “man cave” (also known as the garage).  He takes pride in his masculinity, favoring activities such as working on car, grilling, rock music, spending time with his best friend (also known as his dog Rocky), and most of all, any participant or spectator sport.  He has at least a high school diploma and a partial college education.  He is blue-collar, working hard every day to provide for himself and, if he’s married, his family.  When he comes home from a long, strenuous day of work, he wants to sit back in his La-Z-Boy recliner, watching the newest episode of “24” with the remote in one hand and a nice, cold adult beverage in the other.  He wants to feel like the ultimate man, just like his hero Jack Bauer.  But to feel this way, he doesn’t need to drink a beer.  As a matter of fact, Joe gets a little tired of the same beer taste all the time.  He’s not a big fan of hard liquor and wine really isn’t his style.  Instead, Joe Average can also channel his inner Bauer Power while enjoying his favorite adult beverage, that just happens to be fruity, but oh-so-delicious.

Get that folks?  To be like Jack Bauer, you just need to let your adult beverage taste delicious.  It gives you…BAUER POWER!

Consumer #2: Matt Middleaged

Matt Middleaged is the older, more mature and experienced cousin of Joe Average.  He, like Joe, enjoys relishing in his masculinity.  Outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and bike riding are some of his favorite pastimes, along with coaching his son’s little league team and daughter’s basketball team and participating in his company’s fantasy football league.  Though he is in his early 40s, he doesn’t feel like it, and therefore, he doesn’t act like it.  He still enjoys all that life has to offer, though after being in the work force for 20 years, he understands the world in a slightly more realistic manner.

Consumer #3: Suzie and Steve Suburb

Suzie and Steve Suburb are the proud parents of two wonderful children, ages 7 and 4.  Steve works a normal nine to five job at a mid-sized corporation while Suzie is a stay at home mom.  Weekdays are crazy in the Suburb household.  Between shuffling kids off to school, soccer practice, piano lessons, swimming lessons, taekwondo, and taking care of household chores, and making sure to squeeze in a little quality family time each day, Suzie and Steve have very little time to relax during the week.  Come Friday, they are definitely ready for the weekend.  The Suburbs love hosting get-togethers for their family and friends.  Whether it’s a barbeque during the summer or a World Series party in October, Suzie and Steve sure know what it take to throw a good party, including lots of refreshing beverages for the adults.  Friends say they can always count on Suzie and Steve to have the fridge filled with Mike’s Hard Lemonade because it’s a beverage that everyone (of legal drinking age, of course) can enjoy!

Well, they really did think about their target consumers.  I kind of fall into all three categories to a degree, and I love it.  Looks like they knew just how to target folks.  Mike’s Hard Lemonade tastes so not like the piss water that beer tastes like, that this dad had his kid taken away because he let his kid drink some.  He had no idea what it was.  Allegedly.

Now, what’s the point of having such a delicious drink and nothing to snack on?  I recently rediscovered how delicious Wonderful Pistachios are (roasted and salted please).  Pistachios are a nut that is easy to crack, they taste rather well with few “rank” nuts, and rather filling.  I know you can find pistachios seasoned differently and I know you can buy some that are not shelled, but I prefer the tooth cracking shells.  Do you like Nature Box?  They have a variety of pistachios for you to try as well.  That’s the nice thing about pistachios, companies who sell them typically sell a delicious product.

The pistachio tree originated from Western Asia and now is found heavily in the wild west of good ‘ol Murrica!  They thrive in dryer climates and this has allowed the US to be the number one provider of pistachios in the world.  The trees are typically 5 to 7 years old before they are picked and they provide a heavy number of fruit one year and a light load the next.  Pistachios are typically harvested in September or October when the shells have split.

Some health benefits of pistachios:

  • The proteins, fats, fiber, and low carbs tend to lessen the rise in blood glucose levels.  This means the nuts are a healthy snack for folks with diabetes.
  • A 1 ounce serving of pistachios (about 49 nuts) has quite a bit of vitamins, such as: Potassium, Phytosterols (Good for the heart), Vitamin B6, Copper, Thiamin, Phospherous, Manganese, No cholesterol or trans fats.
  • They also are packed with antioxidants!
  • The FDA recommends eating 1.5 ounces of nuts per day for heart health.

Feeling crafty?  Pinterest has some art projects that use those invulnerable pistachio shells.


Do you even know what Pinterest is?
Do you even know what Pinterest is?

So, beer in one hand, bowl of pistachios in the other, and queuing rounds of Heroes of the Storm?  What better way to just chill?





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