What About Projects?

Projects are just that:  Projects!  I like to build and craft things.  From building patios to paper crafting, I will be sharing some adventures here.  Another type of crafting is scrap-booking.  I will be making digital scrapbooks that record my vacations and trips I have taken along with other things.

This will be a very different category because some projects may take multiple posts to finish, so the updates will come as I roll that 10 sided dice.  This is part of the beauty that is Just Chill Here!

What About Movies?

Watching movies is something a lot of us tend to do, and talking about them is often more fun than watching them.  In this category you may catch a review or a link to a real movie.  You may catch a trailer for an upcoming movie and you may find a write up debating certain meanings in film.

Also in film, I should tell you that television will fall into this category, as hugely popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have essentially removed movies as the number one source of entertainment.  Television has now earned its rightful place amongst the titanic movie industry.

What About Video Games?

One of my passions in life is playing video games.  In this category you may see reviews for games old and new.  I may review some news about video games or discuss some upcoming games I am interested in.

I may write about important people in the gaming industry, or I may just find a quirky little online game to share here.  There really is no limit to this category, as long as whatever is written brings video games into focus.  If you want to see the articles about video games, click the image to the right that says video games!

The Categories, Briefly Defined

As mentioned at the beginning of JCH’s rebirth, I mentioned that the site would be following 10 categories as its guiding force.  This is what I would like to try, and the categories have been thought on for quite a bit.  Each category is extremely broad and those categories will wither be sorted via subcategories, or by tag.  Keeping the categories intentionally broad sharpens that element of surprise!

  1. Video Games -Truly a passion of mine and millions, I love video games and I love the world of them.
  2. Movies – Like video games, I am a fan of film.
  3. Books – I do not read much, but I may start reading again as I begin to manage the time I spend in a better way.
  4. Projects – Perhaps the most narrow category, I will undertake various projects if I so happen to roll a 4.  Big or small projects that I do.
  6. Product Reviews – I am approaching middle age, and as I do, I use more things to get things done.  Like a bored housewife, I will share product reviews.  Any product!
  7. Music – I love music, so this could really go anywhere.
  8. News and Politics – Sticky!
  9. Youtube – I may share some videos I have recorded and edited or I may share a Youtube channel that I find entertaining.
  10. Podcasts – Same as Youtube, but I have a friend who has shown a desire to record a podcast with me.  I will be setting up a feed for podcasts and will be putting them on iTunes and other podcasting pages.

Those are the 10 categories.  I don’t think I will be changing them, but the first article based on a category will be rolled by the dice and will be the first entry.  There will be 1 update per day, Monday – Friday.  I may do 10 updates in one day and use WordPress’s publish function to automatically publish an article, but the content should be coming.  I believe 10 days will be as far ahead as I get due to the nature of timing.  If I have multiple updates in one day, chances are I chose to write without rolling.  So, a break down:

  • Once a day I will publish an article that is randomly determined.
  • Perhaps I will write what I want to add more content for the day.
  • Assume there will be no limitations on topics.
  • A weekly podcast may supplement this web page.

A category page will be created with logos for each category.  All of this is under construction.

Let’s See Here, How Do We Start?

Just Chill Here started with a specific goal in mind, and that goal was never reached because there was a lot of work on the front of the page that took a lot out of me.  I have tooled around with a way to produce content that would reflect just chilling out, which would involve producing material that would not necessarily take up a lot of time, but actually feel like you may have learned something by experiencing it, or being moderately entertained by it.

I made some mistakes by writing about things that were not inherently interesting to me, by forcing myself to fill out a list of categories evenly, but I have come up with a rather cheesy way to make content creation less forced and more involving.

Just Chill Here will not focus on one thing, which can be a drawback for some sites, but this site is just a place for me, and perhaps someone else, to talk about things we want to talk about.  The focus here is the 10 categories I would like to address in no particular order, in no particular fashion, and in no particular structure.  Funny or not, allowing myself to treat my blog as a writing tool and not an assignment will allow me to get what I want from the site, and perhaps what you, as a person who just wants to chill out, may want.

There will be a degree of randomness.  Each category will be aligned with a number 1 through 10, and I will take my trusty old Dungeons and Dragons D10, roll it, and write an article that falls within that category.

Where will this structure take Just Chill Here?  Hopefully to a place of interest and entertainment, and hopefully nowhere that is too stuffy and boring.

Welcome, I hope you find my work interesting.

A List of New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

So, I am going to prattle off a list of things I am going to give an honest effort at for 2015.  This list will receive strikethroughs like this for every failed resolution.  I will also add the date that the resolution failed.

  1. The obvious resolution is that I must Lose Weight and the action here is to get back on Weight Watchers and adopt some form of exercise program, perhaps DDP Yoga, because I feel like I need to stretch more than anything.
  2. Get ahead at work.  My job is killing my soul because I procrastinate.  By doing this I will make the dreaded check lists to ensure progress is being made.
  3. Be a little less bitchy about miniscule things that have no direct effect on my life.
  4. Read one book per month.  That seems lazy, but I read like two books last year.  I am going to try to do more, but one is a good minimum.
  5. Do yardwork more.  I have excused myself from working outside for quite a bit, but this year, I plan to get back outside.  More than 1 day a week outside for at least an hour.
  6. Stop drinking sodas like water.  There is no reason for cokes to even be in our bodies, so I am going to try to stop.  I may have one on occasion, but at the rate I am drinking them…woooooooooooooo…I still have teeth, a liver and kidneys?  I better knock on some wood.
  7. Stop eating out.  Seriously.  I have money issues because of this.  for a spell, I was spending 7-10 bucks a meal, 3 meals, 7 days a week.  It adds up quickly, and I would save a smidgen of coins if I cooked at home.
  8. Learn to cook.  I can cook good food, but none of it is healthy or nutritious.  I want to learn how to make healthy meals in a manner that makes them taste less like health and more like TACOS.  The issue with the organic movement and health foods is, well, I don’t like the taste of dirt, and healthy food brings that.
  9. Go fishing.  2014 was the saddest year of my life for fishing.  I lost all of my motivation, likely triggered by the 370 lbs of failure I am carrying around.
  10. Actually go visit people besides my parents.  I have uncles and aunts and friends who never see me.  It’s time to get social in real life, away from the anti-social networks.
  11. Build a Shed.  I plan on building a 30×30 shed this year, the last couple of years have been fraught with excuses not to go ahead with the build.  This year I will not be deterred.
  12. As much as my wife and folks think I do too much of, and as much as some may hate to hear it – I want to do the things I want to do a little more, and things I hate doing a little less.  This seems vague, but honestly, it’s a broad array of things.
  13. Continue caring for my foster daughter up until the day (hopefully) she becomes mine.  I plan on doing things with her every day before I do other unimportant things.  She is my new homework assignment.
  14. Get back into playing board games and card games with my friends.  What little bit we did in 2014 was fun, I would like to see it come back this year.
  15. Lastly, keep Just Chill Here active throughout the year.

They say don’t talk about resolutions and don’t obsess with them.  Some even say don’t make them.  I am going to see if I can achieve at least half of these resolutions.