Let’s Talk Science: Fat People and Rats

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Light Apparently Has an Effect On Fat People – Health

In Australia some scientists looking for more ways to excuse fat people and further bolster the anti-fat shaming movement have come near a conclusion that light has an effect on BMI in preschool aged children.  However, interestingly enough, this study really stopped short of considering important elements like food and types of exercise.  It also does a poor job of separating types of light and can easily be interpreted either way.

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Sisters, a Solid 5/7!

sisters 5-7-1

I’m not big on chick flicks.  I hate romance movies and romantic comedies get on my nerves.  However, when it comes to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the idea of the stereotypical groanfest caused from estrogen overflow is thrown out of the window and cuts to the chase:  It’s either going to be super funny, or really lame.  I went to this movie thinking it was another flick, but when I saw that other flick (It has Rebel Wilson and some skinny chick in it) as a trailer, I was immediately terrified.  What have I walked in to?  I knew nothing about Sisters, but when I saw the names attached, I was generally relieved.  I was not disappointed, I mean I gave it a perfect 5/7.

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Swag on Saturday: Watching Videos is Easy!



So, do you want to make a quick buck doing something that requires little effort?  Head over to Swag Bucks and peruse the Watch section of the site.  When you enter this area, you will be introduced to the service and once you scroll down you will see many categories like Editor’s Picks, TV and Film, Recipes. Comedy, Health and many other topics.  The titles always change and the videos are constantly changing as well.  Why would you do such a thing?  Well…

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Nope, Not Candy Crush, Something Betterer!

Rats, Cheese...Alphabets?
Rats, Cheese…Alphabets?

Back in 2012, a game was released that established mobile and casual gaming as not only a force to be reckoned with, but the most dominating force in the market today.  No, that game is not Alpha Betty Saga.  The game I am referring to is one that even starving kids in the Congo know.  A game that everyone plays, even if they say they don’t.  It’s a game that essentially stole a variety of mechanics of other casual puzzle games and put them all together into one game and put a snazzy title on it.  The game gets progressively harder as you make progress, almost to the point of where progress is only happening if you are buying “power-ups” for $.99 a pop.  Cheap, yeah?  Until you realized someone in your household has bought fifty of those power-ups to beat level 300.  That game is called Candy Crush Saga.  A game so successful, that Activision Blizzard (World of Warcraft) purchased King, the company that made it, for almost $6 billion.

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What’s Trending Now? January 7, 2015

  • Delta Gamma, the largest sorority in North America with more than 230,000 members upped the bar with their recruitment video.  It has a catchy song and has nice production and filming.  Drones, yachts, city views, the whole video is insane and I want to join this sorority now.  Oh wait, I’m a dude.  The video approaches MTV quality music video quality.
  • The armed standoff is still going on at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  Apparently it’s totally okay to overthrow federal buildings and to threaten the U.S. Government.  But some people look at the situation as the people taking their land back from the government.
  • Apparently #wastehistime2016 is trending.  What is that?  Well…

finally allow him to take you on a date then after have him drop you off at your other man’s house

Tell him you’re not looking for anything serious. Then get in a relationship the next week with someone else.

Hang out with him all day and then when you get home tweet, “damn today was hella boring” #WasteHisTime2016

So yeah, apparently it’s just women devising ways to hurt men’s feelings or something.  Not the most amusing things I’ve read.

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The Force Awakens (Finally): My Favorite Parts

The Force Awakens (Finally)

I started writing a “short review” of Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few days ago and it started approaching 7,000 words and I decided to cut some things out and to split it into separate blog entries.  I enjoyed the film immensely and just saying it was a 10 out of 10 is too simple to justify how good it is.

This entry is less of a critical analysis and more of a “OMGAWD I LURVES THESE PARTS THE BEST!”

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The Force Awakens (Finally) – Character Summaries Maybe?

The Force Awakens (Finally)

Well, the movie of the century (so far) has been released.  The Star Wars franchise has successfully secured it’s top spot in current popular culture once again via a brand new feature film and it has made its mark as the fastest film to reach $1 billion in the box office, the highest grossing opening weekend box office, and will likely top out to be the highest grossing film ever.  J.J. Abrams attacked this project expertly and did a thorough job of creating galaxies, planets and landscapes that kept the Star Wars feel.

If you don’t do theaters because of the myriad of great excuses, the primary one being the second mortgage you have to take to pay for it, do yourself a favor now.  Go to your local theater and see this masterpiece.  No, it’s not perfect but god damn is it fun and exciting.  If you aren’t afraid of spoilers and whatnot, continue reading.  I am about to start babbling about this movie and because I did not go to college to learn how to expertly write movie reviews, it is probably going to be really hard to read.  Maybe not though.

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$wag on Saturday: Let Me Introduce You to Swagbucks


Guys, for the last several months now I have been taking part in the shenanigans introduced to me by the subreddit (A subreddit is just a special forum on the website Reddit.) /r/beermoney.  My first stop in this interesting little adventure of doing tasks for Chinese slave wages has led me to a beautiful place called Swagbucks.  This site is lauded as the ultimate “beer money” website because it has great returns for little effort.  Some other sites offer little pay for major effort, and once you take this adventure, you will see just what I mean.

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Resolutions You Can(not) Count On

At the conclusion of every December we celebrate the waning of another annual clusterfuck that did not go as planned at all.  In fact, shit went so wrong that we wonder “How am I not dead?”,  “How do I still have a job?”, “How am I still married?”, “How are my kids, who are apparently suicidal, still breathing?”, “Oh my god, how am I still a fat fatty!?”, “Can’t be worse next year can it?”

You know the answers to these questions.  You know the hows and the whys, but December 31 makes us question our lives at around 10:00 PM every time and we realize we have two hours to make a gameplan.  Why?  Because January 1 is the ultimate “I will do it tomorrow!” It’s the ultimate starting point.  It’s like the ultimate Monday you plan to start dieting or the beginning of a work week where you stop binge drinking and beating your kids.

The first of the year is the starting line for a 100 meter dash, except the track is pebbled with land mines, thumb tacks, crippled hookers and pit bulls.  On the side of the track are WWE wrestlers with bats waiting for you to veer off course.  The air you breathe is infused with the smell of poop and piss and your shoes are crocs, except the worst kind of crocs, WET CROCS.  It also takes 365 days to finish this dash.

Every year that passes by I’m impressed by my friend’s and family’s resolve to not completely shit the bed.  Life is a sinking boat and if you aren’t bailing water every day you’re fucked.  That’s what we call The Grind.  Well, the grind starts over in January, and that every new year is started with the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. No, I am not going to advise you what to make for your new year’s resolutions, I am just going to give you a short list of some decent resolutions and some reasons why you’re going to fail at them.

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Better Late Than Forever Never

Where has the time gone?  Well, it has gone into a steaming pile of nothing.  I have been busy with the whole “being a daddy” gig and being a lazy waste of Cheeto smashing space.  With the advent of the 2015-2016 school year I have decided to do right with trying to get on track with my health – the one thing that truly only matters in terms of my prolonged happiness.  I use adult language so be warned.

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