People Always Try to Ruin Great Things

Yes, that is Captain Picard or Professor X, however you prefer him, taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is currently sweeping the Internet and social media.  As you notice, he opted out of the ice and wrote a check.  He likely wrote that check to the ALS Association, which is likely collecting some major money from this viral activity that is being enjoyed by the super elite members of our society and by the common folk.  As this article progresses, I will link to you some Ice Bucket challenges, but ultimately, this is a rant about the fact that I found someone who thinks the challenge is essentially a bad idea because he can’t take his Jesus slippers off to make the world a better place – all because he fails at biology.

I would like to introduce you to Nathanael King’s blog which is one of those Super Christian blogs.  I wondered how long it would take before the idiots would speak out against the ice bucket fiasco, apparently it didn’t take very long at all.  I will give you a little background on this guy in just a moment, but look who did the ice bucket challenge…

We will call this guy Nathan.  He is an assistant pastor, a family man, a real salt of the earth kind of guy, except he has one little hang up – he believe, like many, that embryonic stem cell research is the devil, and he believes that since the ALS Association is affiliated with programs that do research in this field of medical biology, then donating money to them is wrong.  Way to kill the moment there, bub.  Bill Gates, however, thinks the fight against ALS is quite a bit more important than unsubstantiated beliefs that have done everything to ensure we never make any real progress…

Amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more popularly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a horrible neurodegenerative disease affecting everything from speech and swallowing to basic mobility.  I personally have friends whose parents have languished and died from this disease, and experts estimate that 30,000 Americans suffer from this disease.  It’s as good a place as any to focus medical research efforts.

So, he starts with a little bit of fact sharing about the disease.  His notion that ALS is a horrible neurodegenerative disease does not paint a picture that exactly pinpoints the severity.  If you want to read something deep and dramatic, that gives you an idea of what the disease is like, hit up this article.  Also, be thankful you aren’t this guy’s friend, because he would rather you go through the suffering of the disease.  His faith, his, generic and artificial idea that isn’t even addressed in not one single line of one page of one book of religious documentation, says that embryonic stem cell research IS SIN!  Hey look!  It’s Mark Zuckerberg!

My concern is where the publicity and money might go.  Specifically, I’m concerned with the KIND of research that might be financed by my hypothetical promotional activity…The ALS Association funds a number of different types of research, and among these different types of research is embryonic stem cell research.  For those who don’t know what this is, this is when scientists take a female egg and a male sperm and fertilize the egg in a lab, and then after the new life begins to form, they remove the building blocks of life–embryonic stem cells.  This is the same process that occurs when people struggle with infertility and then get in-vitro fertilization–the important difference is that instead of implanting the fertilized embryo into a mother so that it can grow into a baby, these embryos are experimented on, and then discarded.  They are created for the express purpose of destroying them for medical research.

Nathan attacks embryonic stem cell (ESC) research as an act of murder, like most people who do no understand the process.  ESCs are collected from embryo’s that are discarded from the in vitro fertilization procedure, baby’s are not specifically aborted for ESCs.  Nathan would rather us throw the embryo in the fucking trash, than use them to treat his close friends.  Ho. Ly. Shit.

He then goes on to post that the ALS Association gave a $500,000 grant to a procedure that removed stem cells from an electively aborted child.  So, apparently, the child was aborted and getting medical research from it is a bigger sin than just tossing it in the trash and not using this event to try to make things better for others?

At conception, a baby has a unique genetic code, and all of the necessary building blocks for life, and the Bible attributes the properties of personhood to us from conception (Psa 139:13-16, Job 10:8-12, Jer 1:5, Psa 51:5, Luk 1:39-44, Ex 21:22-24).

Oh look, he even brings up scripture, but let’s look at something fancy.  He cites specific parts of scripture.  Instead of Psalms 139, he cherry picks verses 13-16.  Taken out of context it seems like we’re talking about the beginning of life at conception.  However, read the entirety of Psalms 139 and you will see it’s simply an acknowledgement of them getting life, and of course, they were “knitted in the womb.”  That’s where we grow in.  All of his biblical citations are cherry picked and ripped completely out of context.  Not surprised though, since many self proclaimed bible experts bend their religious doctrine to fit around their morals, and not the actual meaning.

Oh wait, I’ve gone too long…

Okay, turning the rant off now.  The ice bucket challenge raised upwards of $88.5 million for ALS research, which dwarfs 2013’s $20 million (Was the only thing I could find).  So yeah, pat yourself on the back Internet folks.  You did something good, now let’s just hope the money is well spent and we make strides in increasing research for ESC, and leave people like Nathan in the stone ages where healing people would only involve a pedophile chanting over your useless, neurologically destroyed body.

I hate people who actively speak out against making the world better for everyone.


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