Shooting Things With Toys


Remember back in the day when you were a kid and you had a particular toy that was deadly enough to kill or permanently maim you?  Particularly, the noble sling shot, which has several ways to catastrophically fail and ruin your summer.  Well if you are old enough to remember them (If you have a kid, ask them if they know what a slingshot is, if they don’t know, congratulations, you just caused a bunny to drown), then you may remember being terribly inaccurate.  You may remember the rubber band breaking and popping you in the face.  You may remember your limp, weak, pussy wrist either getting sprained or popped one good time.  If a ricochet happened, and your ball bearing became part of your ball bearings, you definitely remember that.  Today, I introduce you to Jorg Sprave, a grown man with a cool accent who is stuck in his childhood years playing with slingshots.  Not any slingshots mind you, slingshots that violate articles of the Geneva Convention.

The nice man makes deadly weapons!?
Condom Gun?

The Slingshot Channel is my favorite kind of channel.  It’s about a guy who has a passion.  His passion is not broadly viewed as popular or mainstream, but very narrow and specific.  His passion is slingshots, and the icing on the cake, is that he builds slingshots.  He builds regular ones and ones that are touted as being the strongest in the world.  Sprave is not only limited to the standard slingshot, however:

Automatic Pencil Shooter

Slingshot Cannon

The Zombie Grinder 4000

He is obviously a tremendous craftsmen and an expert at engineering ideas that lead to some very powerful projectile launchers.  Not only does he show off his toys, he briefly discusses how each one works.  He also offers some slow motion footage of whatever he is shooting, to give the viewer a better idea of how much damage they can do.  A highlight of Sprave’s channel, however, is his almost childlike enthusiasm when he is destroying things with his launchers.

He has hundreds of videos, they are not very long, and they are great conversation starters if you have a group of friends.  Since his channel is not explicit, the videos can very fun to watch with the kids and heck, maybe you will get inspired to create your own slingshot.  I feel like making a ballista, which is similar to the cannon, and one day, when I have the money and the tools, I may just try to do that.  I am not without an actual project!  I have been planning out how to make a longbow, so I guess that kind of works.  Expect to see it here in the future.

If you decide to wander back to the days of slingshots and the like, or you want to get your kids into it.  Just remember to be safe, or you may hurt yourself:  (Warning, video is graphic)


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