Sisters, a Solid 5/7!

sisters 5-7-1

I’m not big on chick flicks.  I hate romance movies and romantic comedies get on my nerves.  However, when it comes to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the idea of the stereotypical groanfest caused from estrogen overflow is thrown out of the window and cuts to the chase:  It’s either going to be super funny, or really lame.  I went to this movie thinking it was another flick, but when I saw that other flick (It has Rebel Wilson and some skinny chick in it) as a trailer, I was immediately terrified.  What have I walked in to?  I knew nothing about Sisters, but when I saw the names attached, I was generally relieved.  I was not disappointed, I mean I gave it a perfect 5/7.

I honestly can’t remember much about the movie specifically.  It was the night I celebrated my 34th year of living on this rock and it was damn near midnight.  I had a party, I had been drinking some homemade liquor and I had just touched off a particularly unhealthy pile of king crab legs with my wife, my nephew, and my niece.  By the time this movie started, I was in full blown Jabba the Hut mode.  I could barely move, could barely talk, could barely speak clearly.

I do remember these things about the movie, and they made it worth the watch, even though I’ve seen cheaper prices for land in Hawaii.  In what fucking world is two large drinks and medium popcorn TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS?  I’m taking my man satchel next time I go.

Interesting Parts

  • Maura and Kate Ellis (Poehler and Fey respectively) are sisters.  One sister leads a clean, wholeful and meaningful life.  The other is a filthy, hedonistic whore.  These two characters come together to spin a tale of sisterly love, along with a pile of dick jokes.
  • Their parents are selling their childhood home and they’ve been given the ultimatum to come home and pack their shit.   Maura needs a break and Kate needs a home (She’s a total fuck up, a terrible mother and highly irresponsible).
  • They decide to throw version 2 of some crazy party they had when they were in high school and they reconnected with all of their old friends to throw a party that starts out so awkwardly that it completely shakes the film’s foundation.
  • The party then evolves to fun times when John motherfucking Cena shows up.  I was heartbroken when he appeared, his signature brass/hip hip music didn’t just fill the auditorium.
  • Kate’s interactions with John Cena were epic, and Tina Fey is literally smaller than one of Cena’s arms.  I shit you NOT.


  • Oh, and John Cena shows up with neck and face tats as a drug dealer to boost the creepy old people party.  The scene where he introduces the crew to the drug options…This moment of the film was probably some of the funniest dialog I have heard in a while.  Cena stole this film every time he was on screen.
  • Don’t know where this guy has been, but John Leguizamo made an appearance in the movie.  He is one of the girl’s former classmates and he owns a liquor store.  He apparently has all the things needed to turn a creepy party into a party that is BANGIN!
  • Also stealing the show a couple of times – Bobby Moynihan.  I’ve seen this guy before, but in this movie, he really manages to liven up the movie at times.  He ends up doing a pile of coke and ends up banging an Asian chick that works at a nail salon and he paints a dick on the wall.  With his dick.
  • Oh the plot of the movie is that the girls have to have their stuff moved out for the new owners to look at the house.  They have a party, that party demolishes the house and shenanigans ensue.
  • The movie’s budget was $30 million and it has grossed, so far, $68 million.  I think it’s safe to say that some motherfuckers got rich off of this movie.  It’s even been nominated for a few awards.
  • The film was mainly shot in New York and Florida.

Final Thoughts

You will never convince me that this movie couldn’t be enjoyed just as much at home.  I would have rather watched it at home.  Nothing from the movie takes advantage of being on the big screen.  No action, no big special effects, nothing.  If you find yourself at the theater and you do end up watching it, then honestly, I think if you have a sense of humor, you can find a little joy out of this movie.  A real rating would be a 6/10.  The film feels a little forced at points, and some of the humor is more awkward and unfunny to the point of being uncomfortable.  No, nothing is super gross and nothing is too vulgar.  Some things are just not that funny.

I expected with Tina Fey, that the film would be a bit more Rated R, but honestly, short of a few scenes, this flick falls closer to PG-13 than anything.  The first half of the movie is drudgery at times, but at the midpoint, when the sisters are planning their big party, it picks up and suddenly gets a bit more interesting.  Go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  When Sisters comes out on DVD, give it a watch! I




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