Sometimes Religious Hatred is the Worst Hatred

If you’re allergic to stupidity, or family arguments that end in needless violence bothers you, it may be a good idea to pass on this video.  However, if you want to see a video that shows how many homosexuals are treated by their family members behind closed doors, and how these family members cling blindly to archaic beliefs to defend their own bigotry.

Before I go deep into this, I would like to remind you, that I am often inappropriate at times with my humor, because I love to make jokes here and there.  This situation, however, is not funny.  This is a serious issue that we, as a society need to address before we can ever move into the next echelon of humanity.  We either use religion to advance society by using it for what it was meant for (Making the world a better place) or we continue to use it to maintain broken belief systems to hold those weaker than us down. Remember, religion has been used to justify genocide, slavery and gross misogyny on a global scale.

I generally hate using the word homophobia, but this is probably one of those times where the word actually fits the homophobes.  So the video is about a guy, who is 20 years old BTW, defending himself from his stepmother who claims that she “knew he was gay since he was a tiny little boy,” yet she insists that he made that choice as a little boy, to be gay.  This choice, forms a rift, and you can see that rift shaping between him and his stepmother drawing up.  When he hits her with the evil “scientific stuff” and she pulls that card that absolutely enrages me so damn much:  “You go by all the scientific stuff you want to, I’m going by the word of God.”  Then, the young man BLASPHEMES the good Lord and says science trumps God.  I’m sure this retaliation really put the pot to boil for the woman, because even in casual debates with friends in my life – they bring up their religious beliefs, you challenge them, and their reaction is either unbridled anger (which is often hilarious) or they say “Let’s just agree to disagree,” then I want to just hammer them with even more data.

The conversation between this crazy bitch and her stepson continues at a low level clip and we get to the root of the problem.  Daniel, the boy whose name I just learned because this event is now all over the Internet, then had the audacity to ask to live in his mother’s basement.  His mom basically said nope.  Hey, he made the choice to not live with them by choosing to be gay.  The most disgusting thing, however, is the real reason why she doesn’t want her son to be gay – it makes her look bad.  She will not let him live with her because she doesn’t want everyone thinking she condones his lifestyle.  You know what though?  She has a lot of friends that are gay.  She has that going for her.  She loves her gay friends and her public image more than she loves her stepson.  He isn’t her son anyway so who cares.

At around 3:44 the fireworks shoot into the sky.  Hilarity ensues as all of these soft spoken Georgian accents start screaming obscenities as the stepmother physically assaults Daniel.  Dad gets involved, and calls his own son, his own blood, a disgrace.  Damn.

I waited on this story – I saw it break on its original source (Reddit) the other night – because I wanted to find out if this was some kind of hoax.  At this moment, it isn’t a hoax.  This video has also set into motion some serious events for Daniel and his boyfriend (who shared it with the world, the fuckin’ homewrecker.)  Firstly, he created a gofundme page that netted him over $90 grand at this time of writing.  The video has millions of views on YouTube, and I assume life is going to get a little uncomfortable for a couple of bigots because these things love to blow up on 4Chan, which is basically the base of operations for the Justice League known as Anonymous.

There are some things that were brought up in the video that may explain the hostility from his folks, but by no means, excuses it.  Apparently Daniel liked telling the world (Facebook) that he is a racist and a bigot, even though his dad has supported him his entire life.  I don’t know if its true, but regardless of how vile someone is, if you let them support you as a grown man, perhaps you should check yourself.  If his dad was so bad, then perhaps once he graduated high school, he should have hit the road and found a less oppressive area to live in.  This entire paragraph, however, doesn’t matter, because Daniel challenges his dad to pull up Facebook and find where he has verbally besmirched his father’s good name.

Here are some quotes to share with y’all:

What a day…. i thought that waking up at 9:48 and being 15 mins late to work was going to be the biggest problem today. but i didn’t know that my biggest problem was going to be getting disowned and kicked out of my home of almost twenty years. to add insult to injury my step mother punched me in the face repeatedly with my grandmother cheering her along. i am still in complete shock and disbelief. the video i posted a few hours ago will give you a small bit of what i went through. i am sure y’all can guess who is who. Thanks to Teri, Regina and my boyfriend david for coming to rescue me. and thanks to everyone else who is sending their support! – Daniel Pierce on his Facebook page.

“Their reaction was pretty much expected [once] I chose to leave instead of pray because they have always been very vocal about not supporting the gay lifestyle,” he told HuffPost. “My [stepmother’s] reaction was the most surprising and hurtful.”

The family members involved in the intervention, which he says was “driven by my grandparents,” have not contacted the media, but they left Pierce a voicemail telling him to remove the video of the incident from YouTube. Pierce also says he did not contact police over the apparent altercation in the video. – Taken from Huffpost (A little bit on the aftermath)

Okay, not a quote, but this article needed a picture and this picture shows two dudes who look genuinely happy.  So happy, that it pisses people off.
Okay, not a quote, but this article needed a picture and this picture shows two dudes who look genuinely happy. So happy, that it pisses people off.

 Just for clarification: this is not me. It’s my boyfriend. His parents kicked him out for being gay.

I hope nobody else has to go through this. It’s so traumatic for anyone that has to.

EDIT: Thank you for all the outpouring of support. He does have somewhere to stay for now until he gets on his feet. Unfortunately, his car was taken back as well. It seems terrible right now, but I feel confident that he will make it through this and be OK. If you know of anyone in a similar situation please help them out in any way you can!

UPDATE 8/28: Again, thank you all so much for everything – the support, the kind words, the encouragement. We were literally in tears and are so grateful that there are people about there that care about the lgbt cause. So many people have reached out, and this story is spreading quickly. No word from his family – but lots of support coming from other sources. The most important thing for us is that we could raise awareness about this issue.

UPDATE 2: A few news outlets have released articles on this. Also, from the article, “If you or someone you know is facing anti-LGBT sentiment or violence in their home, or has already fled an abusive home environment, contact the National Runaway Switchboartd at 1-800-RUNAWAY. New York City’s Ali Forney Center, a drop-in and residential shelter for LGBT youth, also has local and national resource guides for LGBT youth online.” – From Reddit, this is Daniel’s boyfriend.

I found this page with some questions to ask about the incident.  While these questions may strike some of you as inappropriate, remember, skepticism is a quality and we should embrace it.  Skepticism is why we can tell someone science trumps God.  It’s why we understand that we do not need a list of rules guiding us to not be assholes.  It’s why you don’t buy little rubber bracelets to improve your balance and athletic performance.  A most interesting quote from this page:

Social Justice Warriors are gullible. Stories like this seem to go viral every week, and by the time that they’re proven fake the donations have come in and a lot of well-meaning ninnies look like fools. Like I said, this story may be completely legit, but if I was a gambler I’d put good money down that we’re not seeing at least 50% of what actually happened. – Some guy on that site.

I treat everything with a does of disbelief until I have the full story.  It would be quite the coup if these two guys launched a video to take advantage of people’s charity.  However, it still brings a bit of exposure to a major issue in society today.  People are still being disowned by their families because their genes dictate that they only have feelings for the same sex.

In closing, I would like to state something I truly believe:

Why is it so hard to believe people are born gay, when people are born with the capacity to believe that a book tells us all we need to know about life?

Just Chill Here is a site that supports the cause.  If you don’t like that, well, you can EABD.




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