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Let’s See Here, How Do We Start?

Just Chill Here started with a specific goal in mind, and that goal was never reached because there was a lot of work on the front of the page that took a lot out of me.  I have tooled around with a way to produce content that would reflect just chilling out, which would involve producing material that would not necessarily take up a lot of time, but actually feel like you may have learned something by experiencing it, or being moderately entertained by it.

I made some mistakes by writing about things that were not inherently interesting to me, by forcing myself to fill out a list of categories evenly, but I have come up with a rather cheesy way to make content creation less forced and more involving.

Just Chill Here will not focus on one thing, which can be a drawback for some sites, but this site is just a place for me, and perhaps someone else, to talk about things we want to talk about.  The focus here is the 10 categories I would like to address in no particular order, in no particular fashion, and in no particular structure.  Funny or not, allowing myself to treat my blog as a writing tool and not an assignment will allow me to get what I want from the site, and perhaps what you, as a person who just wants to chill out, may want.

There will be a degree of randomness.  Each category will be aligned with a number 1 through 10, and I will take my trusty old Dungeons and Dragons D10, roll it, and write an article that falls within that category.

Where will this structure take Just Chill Here?  Hopefully to a place of interest and entertainment, and hopefully nowhere that is too stuffy and boring.

Welcome, I hope you find my work interesting.