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Weighing In

So, you two or three fans of Just Chill Here have probably been wondering to yourselves if I have died or given up on the site.  I have not.  Work started, football started, the diet restarted, and of course there’s little Abby and big Wesley to ensure that any moment that resembles a little bit of R&R are anything but.

This morning I have decided, in lieu of my weekend morning routine of coffee and Seven Days to Die, I am going to write up a little bit of what I have been doing dietarily since around April/May, and I am going to explain why I think it works.

But instead of starting at the beginning, I want to start at now, particularly last night, but before that, I want to give you an overview of where it began before details.  All you need to know is this…

As we entered the last quarter of the school year I was struggling with my diabetes and weight loss.  My weight was pretty much locked in at 365 lbs.  My blood glucose level was in the lower 200s even with medication.  I was a lazy piece of shit.  I was miserable.  I was a whinin’ bitch on Facebook (still am).

A while before that a friend of mine passed a book to me called The Carb Nite solution.  I read it, several times, and never launched.  Never really started, until one weekend, and I did the diet for 4 months to some very nice numbers.  328 lbs…and my blood sugar was hanging around at 130.  My A1C was 6.  My doctor was impressed.  I was taken off of one of my medications…I was feeling better than ever.


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