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Le Beaucoup Buffet, THE CASINO!

LauBergeBeauCoup02I love sea food.  In fact, sea food is my number one go to food for when I feel like I deserve a reward.  Move over steak, chicken, salads and other types of food.  I am interested merely in that delicious, succulent meat from the depths of the sea.  There is a casino about an hour’s drive just south from my place called Lau Berge Du Lac, and it is a swanky place.  With upscale gift shops, gambling, hotel rooms and a lazy river, it is a destination for vacationers.

However, as a local, I visit this place whenever possible for one primary reason:  Le Beaucoup Buffet.  Running around $30.00 a pop, it may be out of budget for a family of four, but for a couple?  It’s perfect.  If you want tasty food, it has it, but if you want lotsafood it definitely has what you want!

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