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People Always Try to Ruin Great Things

Yes, that is Captain Picard or Professor X, however you prefer him, taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is currently sweeping the Internet and social media.  As you notice, he opted out of the ice and wrote a check.  He likely wrote that check to the ALS Association, which is likely collecting some major money from this viral activity that is being enjoyed by the super elite members of our society and by the common folk.  As this article progresses, I will link to you some Ice Bucket challenges, but ultimately, this is a rant about the fact that I found someone who thinks the challenge is essentially a bad idea because he can’t take his Jesus slippers off to make the world a better place – all because he fails at biology.

I would like to introduce you to Nathanael King’s blog which is one of those Super Christian blogs.  I wondered how long it would take before the idiots would speak out against the ice bucket fiasco, apparently it didn’t take very long at all.  I will give you a little background on this guy in just a moment, but look who did the ice bucket challenge…

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Super Human Exoskeleton

A good long while ago, I was laid up in bed trolling Netflix for my latest fix.  I found a documentary called Make Me Superhuman.  This video was about exoskeletons, a la the film Elysium.  This documentary stuck with me for a while and the idea of exoskeletons became amazing to me.


I was extremely happy to see this crop up in the science/technology world.  Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering employed the use of 61 lbs frames made of carbon, aluminum, and steel that are operated by electric motors and hydraulic joints along with a three hour battery.  These suits allow workers to carry an extra 70 lbs, and they don’t even notice the weight of the load or the exoskeleton itself, which moves with the wearer’s natural motions.

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