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Wagon Master, a Local Steakhouse

If you’ve seen a picture of me, or heard me talk about my extraordinary girth, you have probably ascertained that I am a fan of food.  Not any food, mind you, I am a purveyor of fine tasting foods that make you fat.  Not that I like being fat, I just love good food.  Today I felt like paying homage to a hometown classic.  If you are passing through Leesville, LA you may run into a steakhouse called Wagon Master.

It is a rough and tumble kind of joint.  One of those places that people throw peanut shells on the floor (free peanuts, mind you), and the waitresses say “How can I help y’all?”  The drinks are endless and they even deliver delicious, buttery, hot, soft rolls.

You can eat peanuts while you wait on your table...
You can eat peanuts while you wait on your table…

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That Foreign Student ID That Obama Allegedly Had

Well, my second style of post will be news and politics.  I want to try something here, so this will be a long post.  First, I would like to write a bit about the POTUS, Barack H. Obama, or Barry Sartoro, or President Obummer/Obomber/Ovomit/Obongo.  Then, I would like to end the discussion with a brief news article, whether local, national, or global.  (It will be local this time, because Natchitoches, LA, has had an interesting event involving bondage gone wrong).

First off, I thought I would take it easy with my first political post, in defense of our commander-in-chief’s honor, no, this is not me pledging my loyalty to him, but paying some level of respect to the office by helping expand honesty and integrity, over scandalous allegations.

A huge political debate has brewed amongst conservative voters of many different shades that Barack Obama is not a citizen, therefore he could not be voted into office.  John McCain, who lost miserably to Obama, distanced himself from this debate and warned his party to do so.  Many did not, and some would say it made Obama’s main opponents, the Republicans, look crazy, thus the (R) beside McCain’s name was a curse.

There are a lot of pieces of information that allude to his non-American status, so I will only focus on one:

Looks Legit!
Looks Legit!

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