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Nope, Not Candy Crush, Something Betterer!

Rats, Cheese...Alphabets?
Rats, Cheese…Alphabets?

Back in 2012, a game was released that established mobile and casual gaming as not only a force to be reckoned with, but the most dominating force in the market today.  No, that game is not Alpha Betty Saga.  The game I am referring to is one that even starving kids in the Congo know.  A game that everyone plays, even if they say they don’t.  It’s a game that essentially stole a variety of mechanics of other casual puzzle games and put them all together into one game and put a snazzy title on it.  The game gets progressively harder as you make progress, almost to the point of where progress is only happening if you are buying “power-ups” for $.99 a pop.  Cheap, yeah?  Until you realized someone in your household has bought fifty of those power-ups to beat level 300.  That game is called Candy Crush Saga.  A game so successful, that Activision Blizzard (World of Warcraft) purchased King, the company that made it, for almost $6 billion.

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Clash of Clans

Do you like playing games that involve waiting, for days possibly, in order to get more powerful?  Do you like the challenges of going up against others in games of thought, particularly laying out a military base that is designed to kill all invaders?  How about the offensive, where planning an attack is as simple as ordering up massive numbers of basic units, or as complex as learning how to compliment different troops?

Clash of Clans is one of those mobile games that I spent a many a moon avoiding, casting it off as another one of those Farmville type games with no point.  Well, Clash is not “just” one of those games.

Spit always sells well.

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Five Unforgettable (and Free) Games for Your Mobile Device

Mobile gaming is here.  It is established, and it has had an effect on the video game market.  One of the most significant challenges of mobile gaming is getting a game to users due to a heavily saturated online market.  Since mobile gaming relies on the Internet, what better place to promote great games than through blogs such as Just Chill Here.

1. Whale Trail

It may look cute, but it can be addictive!
It may look cute, but it can be addictive!

Whale Trail, created by UsTwo Studios, is one of those games that a person can pass up due to its cutesy art style.   Giving this little gem a pass is a mistake if you are interested in a unique experience.  It is a neat game that uses the complex environment of touchscreen devices to follow a simple control mechanic to make a meaningful experience.

The simple “touch, no touch” control scheme allowed the developers to focus on what makes the game interesting:  A leveling system, power-ups, the colorful artwork, and of course one of the catchiest commie tunes you will ever hear in a video game.

The player controls Willow, a whale who has apparently eaten too many hallucinogenic plankton (my assumption), which have transported him high into the sky.  He is propelled through the sky via flatulence.  In other words, you touch the screen, he farts, he flies.  Hold your finger on the screen, he flies higher and does somersaults.  As you avoid clouds, you will pick up colored bubbles which ensure he never runs out of gas.  You also pick up power-ups and earn cash to level up certain abilities.  There are plenty of things going on in this game!

Ass gas propels Willow through the clouds.

Remember when I mentioned a commie tune?  I wasn’t playing around.  Check out these lyrics:

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