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JCH PODCAST: Episode 7 – Sweeping Reddit for the First Time

JCH PhonesEpisode 7 – Sweeping Reddit for the First Time

Well, we pulled a late shift for this week’s podcast.  We did a few new things this week, just testing out some ideas.  We visited Reddit, talked about Heroes of the Storm.  We improved our podcast a little bit to this and there is a bit more chit chat about varied subjects.  Enjoy, and always remember, we use mucho adulto language!

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JCH PODCAST: Episode 3 – Through the Interwebz

JCH PhonesEpisode 003 – Through the Interwebz

Welcome everyone, I hope you are enjoying our podcasts.  Today is our third episode.  We tried a new method yet again.  This time, we did our podcast over Ventrillo, a Skype-like program.  While the sound quality was better, and the editing was easier, we noticed that our push-to-talk option left us with unfinished words and sentences.  The podcast is still in its infancy, so we are chiseling away at trying to make it the best it can be.  I believe we will be bringing in a new microphone in a few weeks.

There was much drinking involved on my side of the conversation, so I must warn you now:  The F word, the B Word, the D Word, the C word, the S Word, the P Word…the words that offend you, are in this podcast.  You have been warned!

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News and Politics

This category is a buffer category, where I may write a little extra at random times.  I am a little more interested in news than politics, but sometimes political writing can be fun and informative for some.  Here I will write my opinions on certain events and if I get more structured than that, I will be writing essays based on these two things.

Another reason for this category is because the podcast I plan to start recording will be focused on each of these categories, and news and politics is often fun to talk about.