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Well That Took Too Long

Well, I am back.  Suddenlink may have failed us, but tomorrow I shall post last week’s podcast.  Apparently, on Friday we were hit by one hell of a thunderstorm while I was at school.  My modem and router were both fried, and I spent all weekend trying to figure that out.  By Sunday evening I was online with my new modem router from NetGear.

There are some major kinks though, and I wonder if the lightning managed to do some damage to the lines.  My 15 mbps connection is running at 3 mbps and I am getting slammed with disconnect after disconnect on Heroes of the Storm and Ventrilo (What we use as voice communication while gaming).  I have also notice my wifi speeds on our phones and the iPad are noticeably slower.  In fact, at times, we aren’t able to even get a signal.  I don’t know if these problems stem from the new hardware or if the lines are damaged.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you guys some articles I have on the way…

  1. Another long analysis of a System of a Down album, this time I will tackle Toxicity.  No, I will not do “Steal this Album”.
  2. Returning to the original music review format I started.
  3. Some more movie reviews.
  4. A more in depth podcast format (for the actual article).
  5. A papercraft project
  6. Nine Inch Nails (BIG PROJECT)

That’s about it.

A Philosophy to Die For

There is a world, a land, a nation, a plan
Fenced off from the weak each day of the week
We hear about the penetration of the nation
Subjugation, dehydration, infatuation, graduation

There is a world, a realm, we sit at the helm
one nine zero, location: heroes
That freedom fough for lost long ago
Instigation, extracation, dilation, liberation

There is a world, a loss, a lot of gloss
Much debate, procreate, privelege gained
Doubtless of cost.

If you plant your tree inside of a fence and tell the world
“Have none of it!”
expect no harvest from the tree

Will you die for our philosophy?


Now, I hope you enjoyed my poem, yes it’s about the nation today, but regardless you may be wondering “Why the fuck are we reading this fairy, twinkle-toes bullshit bro!?” Well, I am sitting in a hotel room right now yelling at the shitty wifi, wondering why it wont let me log into my FTP.  The podcast will go live Friday, but we will go back to Wednesday next week.


Yes, I Coach Football Page 1

The weird terms in football make it confusing.
The weird terms in football make it confusing.

I come from a school in my younger years where we were worried about fall basketball and spring baseball.  There was no summer football.  While many of my friends were football freaks, I was not.  I was watching Michael Jordan dominate the NBA, and I hated football.  Fast forward to four years ago, I became a teacher and my assistant principal managed to get me to go along with this idea that I could be a football coach and I could get my CDL to drive a bus (Which ain’t happening.)  I settled for just a football coach and not any football coach, I am the junior varsity coach for a middle school.

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Remembering a Classic Through the Eyes of a High Schooler

In 1998. a friend of mine managed to get his paws on Breath of Fire 3.  I think it was Mike, but I am not sure.  I do not remember much about the game, except that it was jam packed with things to do to keep you busy.  I played it through to the end and was impressed.  The battle system was classic and the characters were memorable.

Even though the game was fun, it introduced me to a different side of myself.
Even though the game was fun, it introduced me to a different side of myself.

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A Few Daddy Thoughts

Terror diapers exploding in the car are not a great way to travel, but memorable to say the least.  We decided to take this wee baby on a 14 hour road trip to Orlando, Florida broken up by a two day stay in Pensacola.  Her name is left  a mystery for now for  reason I won’t go into, but let’s just name her Ari.  I started a novel with a character named Ari, and well, I never finished it, but maybe inspiration will come to me in the future.

Ari is a wonderful baby.  I couldn’t expect more out of a baby’s behavior, lest we could make them talk.  Then those agonizing few seconds of screaming would be replaced by FEED ME!, CHANGE ME!, PLAY MUSIC!, ROCK ME!, LEAVE ME ALONE!, YOU’RE TOO DAMN LOUD! I have always heard about how it is difficult to travel with a baby.  Traveling with our baby has been relatively easy, though after riding in her car seat all day, she does get to whine a bit about returning to it when we go do things.

Honestly, the entire experience has been quite strange:

  • Changing diapers is not that bad, but not disposing poopy diapers promptly, letting the sun bake them, even inside of a trash bag, is a bad tie.
  • Apparently when I, my wife, or the baby farts, we go into diaper changing mode.  I am not really sure if there is some chemical process going on but everything smells like baby shit when it comes to bodily functions.
  • Babies like to piss right when you open the diaper to check to see if they pissed in the diaper.
  • No matter how you sell it, you can’t convince me that soy milk is going to rear a healthy child.  I can’t wait until we start feeding her real food.
  • Baby strollers are just as convenient as they are inconvenient.
  • When Ari watches Disney music videos, or listens to lullabies, she “sings.”  This is cute.  It makes me smile.  It makes me a little misty-eyed.  If this makes me a blubbering pussy, then I will be that.
  • Sometimes, well, all the time, she cries when I get her.  I give her all of my patience and just play around and say things like “Momma the bad man has me!”  Today is the first day I was not the bad man.  She now feels safe with me, but she prefers momma.
  • Baby shit smears all over everything when the baby is steadily kicking her feet around.
  • I have very little time now for myself.  Yeah, I miss it, but I like this baby thing.
  • I take too many pictures and I can’t share them online.
  • I talk to my child like she is an adult, but I realize my voice is often deep and scary.  It makes dogs piss themselves.  I had to lighten up my voice some.
  • Babies get way too gassy too much and too fast.  I am constantly burping her whenever I feed her.  I suck at this, and feel like I am bear mauling her when I do this, but she doesn’t cry.  Maybe she is okay with it, maybe she is in shock.  Guess I will know in 5 years.
  • Babies are way too expensive.  Nothing is cheap.  Bookoo everything, go to yard sales.  Tell your friends it’s her birthday tomorrow.
  • I want to buy her things that she will outgrow in a couple of months.
  • What movies are playing at the theater?
  • Everyone loves the baby.  They want to touch the baby.  They want to talk to the baby.  They want to do these things when we are trying to wind her down.
  • Like most women in my life, Ari loves to tell me when I am wrong.

I certainly hope that one day I can share her pictures and her real name.  No, she was not kidnapped!  We are in the process of taking care of some things and we are just trying to keep things quietish, but I had to share this tonight.  Especially since I needed an article for tomorrow.

I Am Going to be in a Zombie Film

Well, a short film, on YouTube, but I still count it as a movie I suppose.  We will be actually shooting my scene, along with Mike’s and his daughter’s (The day of filming will actually have taken place on Saturday, July 12).  The whole idea behind this film is straight from a friend of mine named Patrick.

I met Patrick when I was a young man who first stepped into his first real job at the humble guild or gastrointestinal goodness that is Burger King.  Patrick was a porter there, and he was a bit of a strange duck with his pink hair and hippy talk.  We parted ways a long time back, he went to the world of cinema, I became an employee of Holsum Bakeries, the fine corporation responsible for almost ridding the world of Twinkies due to poor management.  That’s a bit off topic, however.

Patrick introduced the Facebook world to Porch Swing Productions, his production studio for his short film projects, not too long ago.  After speaking with Patrick, I decided that it would be an awesome experience to share with the Just Chill Here audience.  Below, you will read about an experience that I have never experienced, and thanks to my old buddy, I got to act and be a part of something that may actually go viral.  I also told Patrick that I would not expect payment, but I was going to milk him for exposure to this site.  I’m dirty like that.

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A Blast From My Past

When I was in Junior High, I was that kid who was always trying to find ways to make money.  I had an expensive habit called video games, and if you think games are expensive now, you need to think about me paying $70 for a Super Nintendo game.  This was when the economy was good!

One of my schemes to make the almighty dollar was a group effort made possible by myself and a few really close friends who you may see poke their heads around at Just Chill Here (They don’t know this yet, so SHHHHH).  One of us had a dot matrix printer, one of us had the ability to draw well enough to sell things, and one of us had access to my school’s copying machines (Don’t you know the best entrepreneurs have ways to succeed, even if on the backs of others?).  One of us had a large collection of Sega games, which was nice, because most of us were Nintendo nerds.

Folks, I would like to introduce you to my first foray into magazine publishing.  I give you Power Source:

Professionally designed cover page!
Professionally designed cover page!

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