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JCH Podcast: Episode 1 – Kickin’ the Kinks

JCH Phones

001 – Kickin’ the Kinks

So, here we have it, our very first podcast.  There are some kinks we must address for the next podcast, and understand that this is a work in progress.  Many hours were spent making this podcast more listenable, but we will be reviewing everything in order to make sure the cast feels more streamlined.

With that being said, this podcast has EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, and if certain words offend you, then I ask you, politely, not to listen, or you will be offended.  We are both crude pirate misogynists.  (Okay, we aren’t that bad, but I noticed the occasional rated R word here and there).

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What About Podcasts?

Rounding out the list of announcements for each category, I end the list with Podcasts, because this may be the biggest project.  Now, if I roll a 10 on the die, I will likely talk about a certain podcast, or I will write something about a podcast from Just Chill Here.

I and a handful of friends will be podcasting together in order to hit all 10 categories, and hopefully I can get some special guests to join me in my podcasts.  They will be on iTunes and other Podcasting services.  I am not sure of the exact date when this will begin, but once I get a few new “toys,” I will update the site.

Also, once I get the podcast going, I will explain the free-for-all format we will abide by.