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A Philosophy to Die For

There is a world, a land, a nation, a plan
Fenced off from the weak each day of the week
We hear about the penetration of the nation
Subjugation, dehydration, infatuation, graduation

There is a world, a realm, we sit at the helm
one nine zero, location: heroes
That freedom fough for lost long ago
Instigation, extracation, dilation, liberation

There is a world, a loss, a lot of gloss
Much debate, procreate, privelege gained
Doubtless of cost.

If you plant your tree inside of a fence and tell the world
“Have none of it!”
expect no harvest from the tree

Will you die for our philosophy?


Now, I hope you enjoyed my poem, yes it’s about the nation today, but regardless you may be wondering “Why the fuck are we reading this fairy, twinkle-toes bullshit bro!?” Well, I am sitting in a hotel room right now yelling at the shitty wifi, wondering why it wont let me log into my FTP. ┬áThe podcast will go live Friday, but we will go back to Wednesday next week.