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Light Reading: Divergent

After soaking in the joy of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games series, I have decided to embark upon reading the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.  I enjoyed the film, though it had some silly moments that are easy to criticize.  I expect that the first book, Divergent, will capture that almost Harry Potteresque feel of the desire to belong, and being tossed into a tumultuous reality where everyone is to be questioned.  What do I expect out the book?

  • A sense of hopelessness that the movie lacked in a way.  For a dystopian society, things were not in much disarray, though I am curious about the walls around the city.
  • A more in depth look at the different factions and not just a fluffy brush against them.  Harry Potter would have benefited from more information about the different houses and The Hunger Games would have benefited greatly from a few hundred extra pages that went into more detail about the districts.
  • A book that is written well, and not clumsily constructed Twilight like musings that are dry and sleep inducing.
  • Violence.
  • Fun Times.
  • A cliffhanger ending that will lead me to finish the book, and not stop in the middle.

Once I finish Divergent, I will report back with my opinion of the book.  This is just me sharing with the world what I plan to read!