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JCH PODCAST: Episode 9 – Now With Less Edits

JCH PhonesEpisode 9 – Now With Less Edits

I think Wednesday will be a great day for the podcast.  It gives me time to deal with job things and time to stew over whether or not to do heavy edits to the podcast.  This time I only edited the largest gaps of dead air.  We have those gaps because of latency and the fact that it’s hard to tell when it’s our turn to talk.  When we podcast together we have more natural banter, but the sound quality goes south.  Anyhow, enjoy the podcast for this week, and remember, I curse like a pirate, so strong language warning.

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How Stuff Works: Stuff You Should Know

Call me a nerd, but I love an educational discussion that explores different topics.  Stuff You Should Know is the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts almost exclusively.  A factoid podcast that explores a different subject each episode, SYSK offers in depth discussion into topics varying from How the La Brea Tar Pits Work to How Avalanches Work.  I try to keep up with their podcast, and I can honestly say that every subject is interesting, no matter how boring they may seem (Microlending anyone?).  Each episode runs, on average, 30 minutes, but occasionally they may fall shorter or run longer.  Hosts Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant are both endearing speakers who manage to make every topic feel personal and enjoyable.

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