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Stephen King’s Under the Dome

This is what real book jackets should look like.
This is what real book jackets should look like.

“Lengthy” doesn’t really describe Stephen King’s Under the Dome.  Epically enduring is probably more fitting, as the 1000+ page book spins a story of a small town thrown into chaos by being cut off from the world via a dome.  One similar to those fancy force fields we see on sci-fi films, except this dome does not have an exit or entrance, it blocks all directions.  As far as a story confined to just one chunk of land goes, King manages to tell quite a tale that focuses on human interaction and reaction in a time of crisis, which puts the characters before the mystery, which is a major failure of the current television show of the same name.

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JCH Podcast: Episode 1 – Kickin’ the Kinks

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001 – Kickin’ the Kinks

So, here we have it, our very first podcast.  There are some kinks we must address for the next podcast, and understand that this is a work in progress.  Many hours were spent making this podcast more listenable, but we will be reviewing everything in order to make sure the cast feels more streamlined.

With that being said, this podcast has EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, and if certain words offend you, then I ask you, politely, not to listen, or you will be offended.  We are both crude pirate misogynists.  (Okay, we aren’t that bad, but I noticed the occasional rated R word here and there).

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Stephen King’s Cujo


A few years ago I went on a Stephen King reading binge and one of the books I ran into that I drew a particular interest in was Cujo.  You see, I watched the film adaptation of Cujo as a child and it frightened me.  This huge dog was infected with rabies, and he became the ultimate killing machine.  Well, perhaps not as ultimate as this particular canine, but still rather terrifying.

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