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JCH PODCAST: Episode 9 – Now With Less Edits

JCH PhonesEpisode 9 – Now With Less Edits

I think Wednesday will be a great day for the podcast.  It gives me time to deal with job things and time to stew over whether or not to do heavy edits to the podcast.  This time I only edited the largest gaps of dead air.  We have those gaps because of latency and the fact that it’s hard to tell when it’s our turn to talk.  When we podcast together we have more natural banter, but the sound quality goes south.  Anyhow, enjoy the podcast for this week, and remember, I curse like a pirate, so strong language warning.

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Super Human Exoskeleton

A good long while ago, I was laid up in bed trolling Netflix for my latest fix.  I found a documentary called Make Me Superhuman.  This video was about exoskeletons, a la the film Elysium.  This documentary stuck with me for a while and the idea of exoskeletons became amazing to me.


I was extremely happy to see this crop up in the science/technology world.  Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering employed the use of 61 lbs frames made of carbon, aluminum, and steel that are operated by electric motors and hydraulic joints along with a three hour battery.  These suits allow workers to carry an extra 70 lbs, and they don’t even notice the weight of the load or the exoskeleton itself, which moves with the wearer’s natural motions.

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