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A Look At Transformers – Autobots Roll Out!

Image converted using ifftoanyAt the time of this writing there are four Transformers films.  The first three films are its own trilogy and I suppose Michael Bay is working on a new trilogy with Marky Mark.  Each film has a nice list of Autobots and Decepticons present, along with many influences from human and nonhuman characters.  The next few movie related posts will focus around the robots in disguise, and part of these posts will be an homage to their origins.

Lining up the original characters from the older generation of Transformers with the current roster is tough work indeed, simply because they look and act so differently now.  In fact, some of the characters just borrow names, and some characters, while the same as their older counterparts, have new names!  On this page you will see the original Autobots and their newer versions, along with a quick paragraph about them.

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