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What’s Trending Now? January 7, 2015

  • Delta Gamma, the largest sorority in North America with more than 230,000 members upped the bar with their recruitment video.  It has a catchy song and has nice production and filming.  Drones, yachts, city views, the whole video is insane and I want to join this sorority now.  Oh wait, I’m a dude.  The video approaches MTV quality music video quality.
  • The armed standoff is still going on at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  Apparently it’s totally okay to overthrow federal buildings and to threaten the U.S. Government.  But some people look at the situation as the people taking their land back from the government.
  • Apparently #wastehistime2016 is trending.  What is that?  Well…

finally allow him to take you on a date then after have him drop you off at your other man’s house

Tell him you’re not looking for anything serious. Then get in a relationship the next week with someone else.

Hang out with him all day and then when you get home tweet, “damn today was hella boring” #WasteHisTime2016

So yeah, apparently it’s just women devising ways to hurt men’s feelings or something.  Not the most amusing things I’ve read.

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