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True Blood – “I Found You”

After last week’s episode I was hoping that this one would keep me entertained and excited.  Honestly, I kept nodding off.  I watched this episode twice.  Once at 3:00 AM, and it put me to sleep, and once at 12:00 PM, and I still found myself snoozing.  I am a little more intrigued about the storyline of Eric, but that’s about it.  If you choose to read the review of this episode of True Blood there will be spoilers ahead.

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True Blood – “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

True Blood is a show I want to hate, and did hate for a time, until the previous season, which was a bit better than seasons four and five. The news that this is the last season hit me unexpectedly, because it seems like the kind of show that has no viable end in sight.  There are somethings to speculate about, such as, will Sookie become a vampire?  Who else is going to die? Will Bill ever become not annoying?  Will Eric ever be cool again?  Will Alcide ever become a meaningful character, or just be an annoying figure for my wife to gawk at?

Spoilers be ahead, matey!  TURN BACK!
Spoilers be ahead, matey! TURN BACK!

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