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Will Connor McGregor Be Humbled?

Like so many other things that I write about and make great strides to sound like an expert, but am not an expert in, I cannot say that I know a great deal about the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  I have had an on and off relationship with the company and it started when I was relatively young.  Recently, however, my best friend has brought me to enjoy the events that they hold each month, with banners held high by a few famous fighters.  Currently my favorite fighter is a filthy looking, trash talking, cocky Irishman that everyone has a few nicknames for.  I call him Pig Pen, mainly because no matter what, he looks like he always needs a bath.  Dude looks filthy.  This article is about today’s “Presser” which is a ridiculous word that has replaced the superior “press conference.”  Apparently, Mystic Mac (Nickname for McGregor) had some choice words to say to his next opponent, Rafael Dos Anjos, the whateverweight (155 lbs) champion.

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JCH Podcast: Episode 2 – Unmanned Microphone

Episode 2 – Unmanned Microphone

So, here is our second weekly podcast for Just Chill Here.  This time we recorded the cast a bit differently.  Instead of wearing our headphones and dealing with the crummy echo issues, we took mike’s superior headset and laid it on top of a box on a table, putting it a couple of feet from our ugly mugs.

I am not very impressed with the quality of sound.  This podcast you will likely notice some audio inconsistencies and some volume issues.  We are working out the issues though and we talked about some interesting things to boot!  Explicit language will likely always be a part of the JCH Podcast!

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