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Well That Took Too Long

Well, I am back.  Suddenlink may have failed us, but tomorrow I shall post last week’s podcast.  Apparently, on Friday we were hit by one hell of a thunderstorm while I was at school.  My modem and router were both fried, and I spent all weekend trying to figure that out.  By Sunday evening I was online with my new modem router from NetGear.

There are some major kinks though, and I wonder if the lightning managed to do some damage to the lines.  My 15 mbps connection is running at 3 mbps and I am getting slammed with disconnect after disconnect on Heroes of the Storm and Ventrilo (What we use as voice communication while gaming).  I have also notice my wifi speeds on our phones and the iPad are noticeably slower.  In fact, at times, we aren’t able to even get a signal.  I don’t know if these problems stem from the new hardware or if the lines are damaged.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you guys some articles I have on the way…

  1. Another long analysis of a System of a Down album, this time I will tackle Toxicity.  No, I will not do “Steal this Album”.
  2. Returning to the original music review format I started.
  3. Some more movie reviews.
  4. A more in depth podcast format (for the actual article).
  5. A papercraft project
  6. Nine Inch Nails (BIG PROJECT)

That’s about it.