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Pretty Snoqualmie Falls! (2017 Summer Vacation Part 2)

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Part 1 – Part 2

Snoqualmie falls is one of the post popular scenic views in Washington. There are decks to observe and of course, a waterfall that is 270 foot!

So our very first destination on our vacation, which was right after the graduation ended, was to visit a big waterfall.  Abby was super excited.  Wesley was “Meh.”  I was tired.  Brandi was tired.  Recipe for disaster?  Well, the weather was perfect and the sun was not shining.  It was lightly showering, but my friends ensured that it never really rains that hard.  In hindsight?  They were right.  It rained a few days, but never so much that it was miserable.

We visited the Snoqualmie Falls park.  It had free parking and nice views.  It was a little bit of a drive to get to, but not as far as some of our later drives (Port Angeles, Mount Rainier).  We traveled to the site with quite the great big convoy.  We had our bunch, Mike’s Bunch, and Mindy’s bunch.  Now, I know you do not know these people, so I will just assure you, without introductions, that it was a great number of people.

Anyhow, from here on out will be photographs of our visit.  Enjoy!

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