The Power of an F-Bomb

This just happened on a news channel in Alaska…

Now, there was a strong message here to be relayed to the viewers of KTVA.  The push for legalized marijuana is spreading, and this reporter owns, or is partners with, a medical marijuana dispensary or something like that.  Regardless, Alaska will be voting on easier access to marijuana and this reporter, being involved in the business of THE DEVIL’S GRASS, had to resign.  Her message was powerful.

Until she said “Fuck it,” and the anchor was at a loss of words for seconds.  She looked like a bumbling fool and she cowered to societies weak aversion to THE DEVIL WORDS.  The fact that she dropped the F-Bomb on live TV means her powerful message will be shrouded in a haze of butt hurt conservatives and bleeding heart liberals who balk at foul language.

I support the message, but I weep inside because I know our conservative mass of sheep voters will only think about “That black girl on the TV that said the F-Word.”

A nation where we hold back medical studies on a plant that grows wild that could solve so many of societies ills, but we can’t get over fucking words.  Peace out.  Fuckers.

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