The Seven Deadly Sins Applied to the Common Core

If you know me, you know I am not a very religious person.  I don’t have faith like many do, and that’s fine to me.  I will never say there is or isn’t a higher power.  I will always believe that we were not put here to worship anything, but to ensure we make this world a better place by all means.  I believe that we should be humanistic to our approach to every day things and that we should honor our neighbors.  I respect those with faith and without it.  I do believe spirituality is an important part of the human factor, but not one that should ever be forced.

If you listen, you will hear buttholes clenching shut while reading.
If you listen, you will hear buttholes clenching shut while reading.

This being said, I love reading about religions and one of my favorite things are the seven deadly sins.  If you have watched the film Se7en, then you may know these sins.  If you are deeply religious you may know them as well.  Also, if you know anything about these sins or the similar 10 commandments, then you know preachers and priests love applying these to anything we can view as sin.

The Common Core is a new curriculum for schools across the nation to align to, and it has caused a tremendous amount of grief amongst teachers, students, parents and politicians.  There are many things wrong and right about the common core, and the things people are the loudest about are actually things that are inaccurate.  I will share with you seven ways the Common Core has led us to sin in seven different ways.  This is just as much of a stretch as your Sunday morning sermon.  Oh yeah, strong adult language ahead.  TSK TSK,


Some folks have asked me what I think about the Common Core because I am not a raging conservative who believes it is a creation of the “Islamists” to take over the nation.  One of the reasons I give them is that President Obama is trying to do something to address our problems in education.  America has to be on top, and we can’t be there with a shitty, illogical and out of date system.

Yeah, this was a pretty good idea after all!
Yeah, this was a pretty good idea after all!

The President is also struggling to do something successful that the conservative media pundits can’t spread lies about.  Something that cannot be denied, that can prove he is successful.  In his haste, he has put forth a system that is not ready.  In 2008, we should have said “In 2015, we will implement common core,” and we should have slowly been introduced to its concepts and given resources to support it.  It would have also given us time to shoot down these insane accusations that it’s antisemitic and that it teaches kids that the president has more power than he really does.  Because of Obama’s lack of patience, the Common Core will likely be taken from his political party because…


Republicans do not hate the Common Core.  Bobby Jindal and several other major Republican figures made this known with their initial support.  The opposition hates the political party responsible for bringing it to prominence – the Democrats.  They fight the Common Core because they are actually afraid it may work.  If it works, they lose votes.

Dammit, now I have to convince people I was never for the Common Core!  Damn you INTERNETS!
Dammit, now I have to convince people I was never for the Common Core! Damn you INTERNETS!

Political opponents of the Common Core covet the fact that they didn’t launch this system from their own platform, instead, they bitch about how broke the system is and they never attempted to fix it.  In fact, they covet it so much, that some states who have come out against the Common Core, just removed the name, but kept the curriculum, because they know it works, they just can’t get over the idea that Barack Obama supports a plan that could put us on track. They also covet this program because of…


There is a tremendous lust for power in politics, and a way to secure power is to influence the educational system.  Education is, and has always been, influenced by the ruling political party.  When conservatives control education, we often focus on classical basics and every lesson learned is to be put toward a job.  Also, schools become a little less secular and certain ideologies are pushed upon a student populous.  When liberals take over, schools focus toward the road ahead and adapt for change.  Schools become more secular and more informative.  They focus on making society better, not the economy.

The political party that controls the tide of Common Core will come out on top of the education system.  What they don’t realize is, if education ends up in a hole, they are essentially at the bottom of a hole.  If Common Core fails, the public education system will take a major hit and we will see more…



Even though education is not a top funded sector of society, there is still a lot of cash flowing.  While the democrats support the common core, they have a swath of political allies that are about to make a fine penny on testing materials, curriculum materials, training seminars and other things that I can’t think of right now.

The opposition is talented at pointing this out and winning favor while hiding their intentions.  While many opponents would rather see education go a different way, there are many powerful politicians that would like to see public education go away.  If public education goes away, their political allies will be able to turn education into a corporate mechanism that will essentially shut out many people from a fair and equitable education.  Potentially making public education more effective threatens this movement, and the loudest ones against it would rather see public education destroyed.  This leads to…



The federal government is interested in having more power over the nation’s education system, and we should be wary of that.  Public schools should have regulations attached to their curriculum however, and there are things that should and should not be taught in public school.  The biggest issues that are not being dealt with in school because of clashes in belief are:

  • Sex Education – States without it have more teen pregnancies than states with it.
  • Creationism in the Classroom – Perhaps in a theology classroom, but not in a science class.   Creationism is also a violation of the first amendment, because it chooses a certain religion over the multitude of religions that people follow.

The federal government should regulate these two issues in order to address some national problems that arise.  However, any response to fixing these problems are met with total hatred and loathing.  Since the Common Core is indeed backed by the government and is in fact, a national curriculum, people are lashing out against its creators.

Another thing about wrath. We are hearing rather vocal parents speak out against Common Core because their kids are suffering from it.  The poor implementation and lack of teacher training and preparation are to blame and parents have a right to be wrathful and feel angry, just not at the teachers.

An image from Post Secret.  How does this make you feel, parents?
An image from Post Secret. How does this make you feel, parents?
  • Teachers are angry.   Some because they feel the system is broken, or its poor implementation.  Some teachers are angry because they are bothered by people afraid of becoming smarter.  Some are mad because it changes too much and some are mad because it does not change enough.  Many teachers are angry because they feel like they are being ignored.
  • Students are angry because they are missing time with their teachers who are now even more worried about standardized testing.  They’re pissed because they are tired of spending hours testing and because the content is being thrown in their faces.  There is no easing into this poorly implemented shit pile.
  • Parents are angry because they perceive the struggles of their children.  Common Core makes things tough, and that fucks with their children’s comfort zone.  The kids can learn this content, but they can’t learn it if the car driving it functions like a popcorn machine and not a car.  When teachers are ill-equipped to prepare students for this next level of thinking, then expect the parents to be pissed because they don’t understand it either.
  • Administrative types are pissed because they see this piss poor implementation and they can’t do shit about it.  They get their marching orders and they move those orders down the line.  They have to make teachers do these things that they know will not work, and if they stand up to them, well I guess the political machine will eat them.
  • Citizens who have no kids are pissed because they believe everything they see on Facebook and they perpetuate the lies about common core, or the opposite.  They’re pissed because they believe their tax dollars are being wasted.  Many are ignorant of the situation and are worried about other things.  Those that do get involved typically don’t know enough about education in and of itself.  These people are sometimes chosen to be our leaders in education.  Looking at you, John White, but surprisingly, White stood up to Jindal, and for that, White has received much respect from me. It’s not that I am a major supporter of Common Core, it’s just that it’s refreshing to see someone stand up to our renegade governor.

There are even people in other countries pissed about common core.  They wonder why we fight so hard against letting our government regulate education.



While we bicker and fight, people are raking in money, and making profits is America’s number one form of consumption.  Do you think those profiting are eating Ramen or gold leafed Filet Mignon served on some naked chick’s body?  You think they are drinking that cheap, $3 a bottle wine, or that $10,000 bubbly?  Don’t get me wrong, Greed aligns with gluttony, but greed is essentially about money.  Gluttony is about food.

However, gluttony is also interpreted as selfishness.  Every. Person. Involved. In. This. Debate. Is. SELFISH.  They are exhibiting a little bit of…



Get off your ass people, and educate these children.  Leave the system alone.  Get the fuck away from it and teach these kids shit they need to know.  Quit making them lazy, teach them that hard work goes a long way.  Schools, allow great teachers to get the hell away from these lecherous standardized tests and let us teach these kids some real content.  What good is knowing what a noun is, if you can’t creatively use a noun because you’re locked into rote memorization?  What good is knowing what 400 / 10 is 40 if you don’t understand the process of getting it?  These things are addressed in the Common Core. but guess what?  They have ALWAYS BEEN ADDRESSED.

  • Teachers get lazy because they refuse to change and learn new methods of teaching to supplement their teaching style.  Perhaps this has to do with being overworked, but as teachers, we have to keep up with the times.  They are a changin’.
  • Parents.  you worked hard today, I understand it.  Guess who didn’t ask to be in this world?  Your kids.  You owe your child your time and experience.  You are the bastion of knowledge, you are the Rosetta Stone your child needs.  You are the most important part of your child’s life and you need to make that effort, every evening to actively engage with your child.  I’m not talking 3 hour study sessions, I am talking getting up in your kids business and getting them doing things.  New things, old thing, silly things and weird things.  Model for them – do something new and let them watch how you overcome challenges.
  • Students, the world is your oyster and the very worst thing you can do is sit on your ass and expect that oyster to remain yours.  It’s okay to rest and relax, but don’t R&R until you earn it.  Bust your ass on that common core material and always ask for help.  You are the problem that many of your older peers are complaining about.  Prove them wrong.

And Finally

Politicians are not generally lazy people when it comes to working for themselves.  Experts at self promotion and skilled at capitalizing on events to gather support, they work their asses off to keep their jobs.  However, politicians do not work hard for our well being.  In fact, they only work at problems if they can get something out of it for themselves.  Our president is trying to look good, his opponent’s want to rule the nation, and many other politicians are just serving at the whims of their biggest supporters.  None of them care about us.  Never forget that.

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