True Blood – “I Found You”

After last week’s episode I was hoping that this one would keep me entertained and excited.  Honestly, I kept nodding off.  I watched this episode twice.  Once at 3:00 AM, and it put me to sleep, and once at 12:00 PM, and I still found myself snoozing.  I am a little more intrigued about the storyline of Eric, but that’s about it.  If you choose to read the review of this episode of True Blood there will be spoilers ahead.

TrueBlood 4

Well, the beginning of this episode started strangely.  The first character we see is Eric, with his back to us, walking through what appears to be his new home and then Jason Stackhouse shows up.  Reading into Jason’s lines and what he was saying I told my wife “Hey, your boy Eric is about to get really gay with Jason.”  She disagreed.  A few moments later, they were sucking face and having some of that EVIL DEVIL SATANIC GAY sex that gets everyone’s knickers in a twist.  Then Jason wakes up from his fantasy by falling…on a pew…in church.  Typical True Blood humor.

True Blood 5
Homoerotica delivered right to you, women!

In the first episode, as Sookie was running through the woods, she tripped over a mysterious dead girl.  Apparently, this body was significant!  Anyhow, the town is in disarray as everyone is trying to get back into the swing of things.  Andy doesn’t know that Jessica is in his house and his daughter is not being honest.

Arlene and Holly are still stuck in the dungeon at Fangtasia and the H-Vamps are showing a streak of humanity.  They are going to die and they are panicky.  They are feeding like mad, even though they are going to die.  A couple of them realize this issue, but they are facing the issue head on.  They have some food management issues and Betty, an older lady, is left up to managing the supply.  Arlene knows Betty, however, as she is a teacher.  Perhaps they have a chance!  Betty is a bit of a softy and Arlene manages to hit her with dialogue that softens up her Hepatitis V diseased…liver.  Arlene is hellbent on surviving this ordeal.  Betty is in a bind and to help, she needs to feed.  She feeds on Arlene, from her femoral artery, which is more of that True Blood sex imagery.  Surprise!  Betty drinks Arlene’s blood and she starts smoking and turns into goo.  What the hell is this?  Did Betty die from the virus anyway, or is Arlene’s blood anti-vampire?  Looks like their escape plans are on hold for now.

Back to the mysterious dead body. Mary Beth is from St. Alice.  Sookie keeps getting these stupid damn monologues that are shallow and vapid, as if the target audience of True Blood were ten years old.  The crew, comprised of Jason, Andy, Alcide and Sookie, head to St. Alice.  The town is dead silent and boarded up.  Apparently some bad shit went down and the ominous music and “FEMA HELP US” sign on the road indicates it was real bad.  Especially when a town in Louisiana is asking for FEMA’s help.  Oh, and Sookie finds a mass grave.  There’s that.  It’s not empty either.  Who dug this grave?

They further investigate the town by heading into Mary Beth’s house.  Jason eats a slice of pizza that was left out and he determined the town was hit two and a half days ago.  This is called “pizza forensics” by Andy.  HA! Sookie and Alcide head upstairs and Sookie finds a diary.  She reads it, and it essentially mirrors her life – Mary Beth fell in love with a vampire, the vampire showed her what life is all about, and the vampire got Hep-V.  Sookie cries, Alcide tells her to stop, but there’s no more left to read.  Good job Alcide, late as always!  Sookie may have cried because it was sad, but I like to think she cried because she thought her relationship with Bill was unique and special.  On the way back, Alcide and Sookie share a moment, but it doesn’t matter, because Sookie runs back to Bill and asks him if he could still feel her fear.  What the hell is Sookie up to now?

While Sookie and gang investigate St. Alice, Ben Temps, without any adult supervision, is spun into a tizzy when Vince shows up and starts mouthing off about Sam Merlotte (The Mayor of Ben Temps) being a shape shifter.  With this realization, everyone starts sharing their personal experiences with each other.  The town is in an uproar and Adilyn’s fairy psychic powers leads her to learn where there are weapons.  The town wants to arm itself and take a fight to the H-Vamps.   Adilyn, sensing that the town was about to obtain some guns, tows a friend to the one place that has weapons:  the police station.  Standing between the guns, realistically, is the one deputy.  The mob flips her, however, and they cuff Adilyn and her friend and haul them away.  Jessica senses this and calls 911, no good!  She calls Sookie, Sookie’s phone is amongst some leaves.  Then, we go to the next scene where the town folk are learning to shoot their new guns.  I can’t see where this could go wrong.

Kids, don't target practice in the police station.
Kids, don’t target practice in the police station.

Who does Jessica call?  Andy “DON’T TRUST JESSICA” Bellefleur.  He and Jessica have a bit of a pat and she makes him realize that his daughter is in major trouble.  If you’re wondering why Jessica is in Andy’s house, remember, Adilyn invited her in to keep her frying from the sunrise.  Jessica is set on rescuing her number one fairy, will Andy bury the hatchet and help out?

Also, let us not forget about Lettie Mae and her struggles with V (The  street name for vampire blood).  She explains to Lafayette that Tara is still alive and she sees and speaks to her when on V.  Lafayette tells her she’s a junkie and Lettie storms out.  Through clever, yet painful, trickery, she persuades her vampire bodyguard to let her have some of that delicious Red Drank.  Then she trips absolute balls and BLAM:

So, Tara did manage to make a reappearance.  Will Lettie Mae let go?
So, Tara did manage to make a reappearance. Will Lettie Mae let go?

The episode finishes off with Pam entering a mansion in Rhone Valley, France where she finds girls complaining about how “He won’t drink our blood!” Eric has Hep-V.

I really had trouble with this week’s poll, But I have to ask:

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