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So, you two or three fans of Just Chill Here have probably been wondering to yourselves if I have died or given up on the site.  I have not.  Work started, football started, the diet restarted, and of course there’s little Abby and big Wesley to ensure that any moment that resembles a little bit of R&R are anything but.

This morning I have decided, in lieu of my weekend morning routine of coffee and Seven Days to Die, I am going to write up a little bit of what I have been doing dietarily since around April/May, and I am going to explain why I think it works.

But instead of starting at the beginning, I want to start at now, particularly last night, but before that, I want to give you an overview of where it began before details.  All you need to know is this…

As we entered the last quarter of the school year I was struggling with my diabetes and weight loss.  My weight was pretty much locked in at 365 lbs.  My blood glucose level was in the lower 200s even with medication.  I was a lazy piece of shit.  I was miserable.  I was a whinin’ bitch on Facebook (still am).

A while before that a friend of mine passed a book to me called The Carb Nite solution.  I read it, several times, and never launched.  Never really started, until one weekend, and I did the diet for 4 months to some very nice numbers.  328 lbs…and my blood sugar was hanging around at 130.  My A1C was 6.  My doctor was impressed.  I was taken off of one of my medications…I was feeling better than ever.


Let’s just say that 10 days of vacationing turned into almost 37 days of breaking everything I worked for.  I was 355 lbs on the heaviest I got and I clocked in a few blood sugars at the mid 300s.  It was terrible.  On August 1 I kicked off the Carb Nite diet and my starting digits were 340.8 lbs (Pretty sure I did a lot of yardwork and tossed a lot of water weight) and my blood sugar was 167.  I felt like death.

I am reporting in now, this morning, to celebrate that fact that I am at 328 once again, with ten lbs to go before the Carb Nite solution outperforms the Weight Watchers diet I was on a while back. Also, my blood sugar?  It’s way better now. it was 85 yesterday.  85.  I hadn’t seen numbers like that ever.  For almost ten days now, my sugar has been in the double digits.  UNHEARD OF.

This is all find and dandy, but I wanted to share the inspiration of why I am posting about it now.  Well, last night was the Carb Nite.  The one night a week where you take in as many carbs as you deem comfortable.  This triggers an insulin spike, which in turn generates hormones that burn fat, and in turn, on this diet, you never cut muscle, only fat.  That’s what I want.

Remember, yesterday morning I weighed 328.0 and my blood sugar was 85.  I had carb night last night.  I ate:

  • A nice sized bowl of cut up fruit from Wal-Mart (I crave fruit all week).
  • Immediately followed by a can of Ravioli (Pasta!)
  • Immediately followed by two cups of brown rice with a can of vegetable beef stew poured into it.
  • Immediately followed by a large bowl of Chex cereal, 1% milk, and a few TBSPs of sugar.  REAL sugar.

At this point I was stuffed.  I was feeling the rush.  I was also feeling the ZZZZZZs.  Brandi and Wesley went to nap and me and Abby watched Little Einsteins and I hovered in that twilight zone of sleep and conciousness for a couple of hours with my daughter.  I then put her to bed for her 8:00 bed time and I went to town.  I finished my carb night with:

  • A triple cheesburger meal from Wendy’s with a wretched diet coke.
  • 8 chicken nuggets.
  • A junior cheeseburger.
  • I hit up Marble Slab for a large Pina Colada (The very best ice cream ever made IMO) with coconut and pineapples mixed in.
  • Season 2 of Narcos.

I woke up this morning and did my morning weigh/blood routine and was pleasantly surprised.  I weighed in at 328.8 and my blood sugar was 118.  Now, as patterns go, I will gain weight over the next 2-3 days.  Most likely a pound or two, but by Tuesday, I am burning fat and prepping meals and feeling damn good.  And yeah, even though I am suffering from a potential hernia, I am feeling damn great anyway.

I won’t make any promises, but I am really trying to make time for Just Chill Here.  I have the flood project that I want to see to fruition (Some things have developed since then) and I want to try to convert people suffering from weight problems to this diet.  The Carb Nite solution is a diet, plain and simple.  It’s not a “lifestyle change.”  It’s a discipline.  It’s a tool to utilize to keep your body in check when you realize what a slob you’ve become.


Yes, you will be able to enjoy yourself on this diet, but not most of the time.  You eventually do get off of the diet in favor of a normal way of eating, until you decide “Man, this 40 lbs of weight from eating pizza is making me miserable.”  Then you go back on it and you shed those 40 lbs.  My current goal is to pass up 318 lbs.  318 lbs is my personal record.

So cheer for me, root for me, send me well wishes.  I am going to win.

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